Web Design & Development

Our centrepiece for your brand.

A strong digital presence will build confidence and credibility for any brand. At SitePartners, we are experts in building beautiful digital experiences that connect industrial brands with key stakeholders. From custom landing pages to large-scale, multi-division websites, we have the experience and expertise to design, write, build, and manage the correct website solution for your business.

Our Services

01. Web Design

While the look and feel of a website is important, it’s critical to understand that most visitors are intentionally coming to your site to find specific pieces of information. This is why we design every website from a useability and UX (user experience) perspective. We design websites that are easy to navigate with an intuitive visual hierarchy, using layouts that are clean and consistent, to make it as accessible for your targeted audience as possible – whether they view your website from a phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

We're so happy with how our new website turned out – the use of video and photos throughout the site and project pages showcases the size and scope of work we do perfectly!
–Brad Morrison // General Manager at Clearview Demolition

02. Web Development

Once the website’s design has been approved, we begin the process of web development, which is where we build (code) the website. SitePartners has a team of full-stack developers, who build the layout, navigation, graphics, and other front-end website design aesthetics, as well as the digital infrastructure on the back-end of a website. We develop every website we build using WordPress, for the wide range of available plugins and the simplified CMS (content management system), which makes it easier for our clients to make adjustments to the content on their own.

88% of online consumers will not return to a website following a bad experience.

(SWEOR, 2020)

03. Web Hosting

Once the website has been developed, we host the website on the internet. Through this process, we store the website files and graphics on a secure server, with enough bandwidth and storage to support high volumes of traffic with optimized page load times. We also offer domain name and registration services to accompany any web design and development package we provide.

Users spend an average of 5.94 seconds looking at a website's main image.

(SWEOR, 2020)

04. Web Maintenance

Now that a website is designed, developed, and live on the internet, it needs to be maintained regularly to ensure it continues to run smoothly and securely. All our website packages include a monthly maintenance service, where we perform routine checks on the backend of the website to confirm the load speed is responsive and optimized, the security scans are stable and protected, and that the software and plugins are fully updated.

It takes about 0.05 seconds for people to form an opinion about your website.

(8ways, 2019)

05. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ultimately, a website’s design is only of value if it’s able to attract the right audiences and keep them engaged throughout their visit. This is why we incorporate best search engine optimization (SEO) practices, to ensure that every website we build ranks high on a search engine when a user searches for a product or service our clients offer. We do this by writing content with relevant keywords that define what our clients do, paying extra attention to headings and images, as well as in-bound and out-bound links. We also provide monthly website analytic reports to ensure our web pages are attracting and retaining visitors accordingly.

53% of all website traffic comes from organic search.

(BrightEdge, 2019)

06. Landing Pages

A landing page is a targeted, intentionally-crafted web page with a clear call-to-action. Ultimately, the goal of a landing page is to encourage conversions, whether that be to download a guide, submit a contact form, or sign up for an activity. We’re able to link our landing pages exclusively to specific email, social media, or digital advertising campaigns, and we offer A/B testing to compare multiple landing pages against each other to determine which layout, design, headline, or offer produces the best results.

Landing pages have a 23% higher conversion rate than a traditional signup form.

(Omnisend, 2018)