When you need support building relationships within communities, navigating complex media landscapes, and preparing and responding to crises, Site is the communication partner you want in your corner.

The breakdown:

  • Communications
  • Engagement
  • Indigenous Relations
  • Corporate Training + Plan Development

Comprehensive Comms.

Communications is complicated, unless you have the support to handle it. We take the complexity out of it by collaborating with internal teams and seamlessly integrating our professional services with any business need.

1. Communications.

We cover the whole spectrum of communication disciplines, including strategic communications, creative asset development, crisis communications, and media relations and training. So whether you’re building a comprehensive comms plan or ensuring you’re prepared for the unexpected, we’re here to get you ready for everything and anything.

2. Engagement.

Connecting directly with the right people and places is one of the most effective ways you can reach your communication goals. So we not only handle everything from stakeholder engagement to public relations to event management; we also provide comprehensive planning and reporting.

3. Indigenous Relations.

No matter what part of the industrial sector you operate in, building relationships and working collaboratively with Indigenous communities is essential. That’s why we’re proud to bring our extensive experience in Indigenous engagement, inclusion plan development, and inclusion presentations to the boardroom table.

4. Corporate Training + Development.

Even the best-laid communication plans and the best-run industrial companies will run into unexpected communication challenges, issues, or even crises. Fortunately, we're experts in handling these circumstances, offering media relations services and spokesperson training. So when the unexpected happens, you can expect Site to guide you through.

The Site comms team working at their desks