Marketing is nothing without a well-thought-out strategy. Which is why we never leave it out of anything we do.

The approach:

  • The Blueprint
  • Brand Positioning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • In-Market Monitoring

Foundationally Strategic.

No brand is alike. But, truth be told, there are many brands alike in the industrial sector, which is a problem we’re here to solve. With expert industry insights, bespoke plans, comprehensive brand explorations, and more, when you do strategy with Site, the result is a brand that’s like no other. Here’s our strategic breakdown:

1. The Blueprint.

This is just the start, but it’s the foundation of our strategic process. The Blueprint is a comprehensive strategic tool that we develop just for clients who are new to the market—or established names who never nailed down who they are. Think of this as a complete brand audit/total brand recalibration. That doesn’t always mean logo or name changes. It’s a customized guide for you to identify who you are, your mission, or who you want to be in your market.

2. Brand Positioning.

Brand is often thought of as just a logo and a collection of fonts. But to us, a brand is the purpose behind the logo; it’s the vision the fonts spell out; it’s the core of who you are. Brand is something we help you reveal through careful analysis, so that it comes to represent more than a name, a logo, or a family of fonts. We believe it’s the thing that sets you apart.

3. Strategic Planning.

Many industrial brands rest on their reputation or rely on word of mouth. In today’s competitive landscape, brands that don’t have a strategic plan are ships without sails in a sea of speedboats. Our strategic planning process is designed to give you a compass and the power to not just get you where you want to go, but to get you there faster

4. Go-To-Market Strategy.

Industrial markets are tough to crack. Unless you have an expert go-to-market strategic team on your side. At Site, we help brands make an entrance that gets noticed and gets business. Whether it’s introducing a new service, setting the foundation for an ad campaign, or announcing a whole new company, we are your go-to go-to-market strategic partner.

5. Execution Management.

The arena our clients operate in is dynamic and competitive. That’s why our team doesn’t just slap a strategy on your desk and wish you the best. We are here to help you implement the strategies we create for brand launches, marketing communications, and everything in between. If anything needs a shift after launch, we are here to tweak and adapt our work to whatever your business needs.

Andrew Grant