Offering production in-house means we have a unique ability to create content, without having to jump through hoops or charge additional fees.

The breakdown:

  • Preproduction
  • Field Production
  • Studio Production
  • Postproduction
  • Animation

Moving Brands with Moving Pictures.

In-studio or on location, we have everything it takes to tell visually engaging stories through creative approaches. And while we serve one big industry, we don’t define ourselves by one style. We are visual creators who do run-and-gun, laugh-out-loud, heart-to-heart, or whatever style of video you need to represent your brand.

1. Preproduction.

Every production needs a plan. If it requires interviews, we plan to ask all the right questions and shoot B-roll at the right location. If it’s a big TV production, we plan to get it perfect before we say, “Action!”. We pitch the ideas, we create the moodboards, we sketch the storyboards, and we book the location and talent. Because the best-laid plans make your video the best it can be.

2. Field Production.

At Site, what makes us specially equipped for working on job sites is we know how to walk the walk in challenging locations and talk the talk with the people who work there. We’re no strangers to getting our hands dirty on construction sites, around a mine, or even on the frontline of an active wildfire. We also shoot video in offices, which doesn’t require our usual PPE gear, but we still bring our A-game no matter where we set up our cameras.

3. Studio Production.

Yet another in-house offering we bring to the table. For those videos that call for a controlled environment—where details can be sweat, lighting can be dialled, and the perfect shot can be captured—we offer top-tier studio services to add exceptional production value. While we do have an incredible state-of-the-art studio (coming soon), we consider this high-production service to be mobile, bringing the lights, camera, and action to wherever your project needs extra creative control.

4. Postproduction.

We are your end-to-end production house, offering editing, audio mixing, and colour grading services on everything we film. We have a dedicated post-production team, who turn beautiful shots into incredible edits. Our post-production studio is where industry-leading video editing tools meet highly experienced story builders.

5. Motion Design + Animation.

We believe motion design should augment a message, not overpower it. Whether it’s lower thirds, brand identity, or fully animated explainer videos, our experienced team of motion designers is ready to capture your story in ways cameras can’t.

Alex on set.