RFP Submission & Proposals

Win big projects.

We help our industrial clients write polished and refined proposals, by crafting their message and story that presents them in the best position to win. From overall project management and copywriting, we can build and submit an RFP (request for proposal) that best represents your organization on a particular opportunity. You are busy running a company, leave the proposal writing details to us, and improve your chances to win your next pitch.

Our Services

01. RFP Submission

A winning RFP requires discipline, commitment, and a high attention to detail. At SitePartners, we help our clients review the scope of work involved, and quantify relevant, past projects to prove their experience and expertise match the requirements of the proposed project. We address all required elements and specifications, and confirm all data is accurate. Our aim is to maximize the point scoring system with as much relevant detail, to ensure your RFP will appeal to the qualifications the evaluators will be measuring against. We confirm every RFP we submit is complete, accurate, and delivered on time.

63% of organizations plan to increase the number of RFPs they respond to in 2021.

(Loopio, 2020)

02. Proposal Writing

To help ensure our industrial partners submit their proposals on time and accurately, we offer proposal writing services, where we work with our clients to identify the details required, and help them objectively articulate their skills, expertise, and experience. Our proposals are formal, concise documents that outline who you are, what product and/or service you’re offering, what positive outcomes and results you expect to achieve, with an indication of a budget and timeline required to complete the work. We approach business proposal writing as an extension of the relationship our clients are looking to build with their prospect.

84% of proposal managers admit they waste more than an hour per day inputting RFP data manually.

(Changepoint, 2017)

03. Proposal Management

Many businesses lose out on RFPs and proposals because they didn’t put in enough time to account for every detail accurately enough. This could be from omitting supplementary data, or failing to accurately describe or quantify the scope of work of past project experience. As your business development partner, we offer post-proposal reporting, where we monitor the costs and time involved in writing and submitting proposals, and measure it against the number of RFP processes that were shortlisted, won, and lost. We analyze what worked and what details need to be refined, and approach each subsequent proposal with a commitment to continuous improvement.

40% of your proposal success rate comes down to all your pre-RFP planning and organization efforts.

(Seibert Group, 2018)

04. Custom Proposal Templates

A business proposal is an effective sales asset that can educate prospects on the products or services you offer, along with your qualifications and experience, and any compelling quantitative data to enhance your expertise. Our proposal templates outline your value proposition, clarifying the benefits of the work you do and how it can solve your potential client’s problem. We provide an opportunity for you to summarize your understanding of the issue or need your prospect is facing, while proposing a solution customized specifically for them. We also include pricing options, clarify your terms and conditions, and create a sense of urgency to expedite their decision-making process.

05. Stakeholder Research

Many industrial organizations have found themselves in situations where they were certain a proposed business deal was going to be approved, only to have an unidentified stakeholder block the deal from going through. At SitePartners, we work with our clients to build their CRM system to purposely identify influential stakeholders, and manage the process of building trusting relationships with them to strengthen their buying consensus. When done correctly, stakeholder research can open new business development opportunities, reduce the overall sales cycle process, and increase the win-rate of future proposals.

06. Copywriting & Creative

At SitePartners, we approach every business plan and proposal as a formal presentation and as an extension of our clients’ brands. We prepare these visually appealing sales assets using clean and consistent designs, clear and concise language, and photography to feature past projects and essential team members. We work closely with our clients to provide special attention to relevant projects, which we showcase with descriptive summaries, supportive quantitative data, and professional photos that highlight their commitment and attention to detail.