Stakeholder Engagement

Strengthening relationships to drive projects forward.

Through stakeholder engagement, we’re able to help interact with and influence key project stakeholders, increasing trust and confidence on behalf of our industrial partners, to encourage and advocate a successful project outcome. We’ve collectively worked on communications and engagement strategies for over $15B worth of major infrastructure and construction projects across Canada. Successful projects include LNG Canada, Trans Mountain Expansion Project, Southwest Calgary Ring Road Project, South Fraser Perimeter Road Project, Highway 91/17 Upgrade Project, Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre, BC Lottery Corporation Gaming Centres, and BHP Billiton Jansen Potash Project, to name a few.

Our Services

01. Construction and Traffic Communications

We’ve developed construction and traffic communication plans for some of Canada’s largest infrastructure projects, including the South Fraser Perimeter Road and the Southwest Calgary Ring Road Project. As such, we know that these major construction projects impact key stakeholders, residents, as well as the general public, and we can anticipate potential challenges and opportunities in advance. Based on our unique experience in this area, we have the ability to develop complex plans that outline and meet construction and traffic communication requirements for major infrastructure projects.

02. Stakeholder Consultation Plan

Having worked with various stakeholders on major construction projects across Canada, we understand the importance of engagement with these highly influential groups. Our range of experience in this area includes delivering and facilitating the proposed project agenda, gaining stakeholder approval and support, minimizing and resolving any opposition, and anticipating potential risks and opportunities. Our goal in every stakeholder communication plan we deliver is to move projects forward on a foundation of trust and respect.

03. Pre-Project Planning & Engagement

We know that major projects require years of pre-planning including critical stakeholder and public engagement activities. At SitePartners, we’ve been involved in the entire project lifecycle including pre-planning activities such as early engagement including planning and hosting information sessions and open houses. We’ve developed key project information including websites, stakeholder lists, public inquiry systems and other communication materials.

Only 23% of respondents state that project managers and stakeholders are in agreement when a project is complete.

(Geneca, 2017)

04. Crisis Communications

A corporate crisis can arise at any time without warning, which is why it’s critical to be prepared with a crisis management and communication plan, to be able to respond quickly and professionally. While not all crises can be averted, the way an organization responds to and manages them can have long-lasting effects on the reputation and perceived value of the brand, the organization, and the leadership team. This is why we work with our industrial partners to help them document appropriate crisis communication strategies, which includes assigning spokesperson responsibilities, preparing proactive damage control and case escalation measures, and delivering press releases and social media response communications.

When a wildfire ignited throughout a community in Squamish, BC, SitePartners was on-site to help capture footage and interview townspeople so we could turn it into a learning experience for other communities across BC.
–Kelsey Winter // FireSmartBC Lead