Indigenous Relations

Maximize inclusion and drive value.

The current landscape for major construction and infrastructure projects to move forward across Canada will always include Indigenous and local content within its plans and project execution. Industrial businesses must learn to adapt and effectively engage with Indigenous communities in a meaningful way that adds long-lasting value for these communities. At SitePartners, we’ve developed industry-leading tools and resources to help maximize Indigenous inclusion and participation on projects. With years of experience engaging with Indigenous Peoples, communities, and businesses across Canada, SitePartners will develop robust plans to meet commitments and achieve project success.

Our Services

01. Indigenous Engagement

We understand the importance of developing meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities. Our approach is authentic, focusing on building relationships based on trust and ongoing communication. At SitePartners, we have the ability to provide our clients with specific engagement plans to meet business needs and objectives of all parties involved. We are passionate about engaging with Indigenous communities, Peoples, and businesses, and take pride in our ability to create new opportunities that bring real value to the table. From introductory meetings, to managing relationships, to planning community events, we ensure Indigenous engagement efforts are specific and meaningful, resulting in positive impact.

02. Indigenous Inclusion Plans

We know that our industrial clients are not only expected to engage with local Indigenous communities, but that it’s also a requirement to be monitored and reported throughout the project lifecycle. At SitePartners, we’ve developed Indigenous Inclusion Plans (also known as Contractor Local Implementation Plans) that lay out the groundwork for success. From here, we identify key Indigenous communities and contacts, outline our engagement process including communication activities, and develop a plan to exceed expectations. Our main goal simply put: to maximize Indigenous participation on all aspects of a project, including business opportunities, employment, and training.

03. Indigenous Awareness Presentations and Advice

We partner with Indigenous Leaders to help facilitate Indigenous Awareness Training for our industrial clients. Here, we develop programs to help educate staff, especially those working in and around Traditional Territories, to learn the rich Indigenous history and culture of that region. Indigenous Awareness Training is an important way to build and maintain relationships with Indigneous and non-Indigenous people, by maintaining a positive work environment based on respect and understanding.

04. Indigenous Employment & Training Programs

At SitePartners, our clients are focused on diversifying its workforce, including hiring Indigenous and local community employees onto projects. We have experience developing valuable training programs for Indigenous employees, including pre-construction readiness training to ensure employees are pre-qualified for work. Kayla Bordignon, our Director of Communication and Engagement, has developed specialized programs focused on career advancement that have been recognized by industry leaders, including the Industry Training Authority (ITA) and the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training.

The most common barriers to employment for Indigenous Peoples include a shortage of jobs, not having enough work experience, and not having enough education or training.

(Statistics Canada, 2017)