About Us

Who We Are

A specialized marketing agency + consultancy built for the industrial sector. We are a team of strategists, creatives, designers, writers, and analysts, dedicated to solving problems for our clients. We are unique in our relentless goal of being the partner of choice for the blue collar. Our specialization allows us to work, think and hire differently to provide unmatched marketing services for our partners.

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We're a specialized team, assembled to help partners exclusively in the industrial sector.

01. Our Story

SitePartners was created from a realization that the industrial sector is in a period of massive change. The way people sell, win projects, respond to RFPs, use technology, recruit talent, and engage with stakeholders is changing rapidly. SitePartners was created to be the marketing partner to help industrial brands respond to this change and disruption the right way. We started our agency to solve these problems. As we helped grow our clients' businesses, our agency in turn grew and expanded. Over time, we built a team of industry leaders who have spent their careers building and shaping industrial brands throughout North America. Behind cameras, computers, and boardrooms, our team has touched hundreds of constructed companies. Today we have one of the most experienced and talented teams in the entire industry, who understand how to market and position industrial brands for success. The disruption for this sector will continue to grow. We can’t wait to continue to be at the front of change and disruption.

02. Our Team

We are passionate, creative, and experienced, with over 200 combined years working in the industrial sector. We understand what it takes to brand a company, launch a product, enter new markets, and win business. When you hire SitePartners, you get a diverse team with deep experience.

03. Why SitePartners

SitePartners was designed and built with a clear purpose: To be the marketing partner of choice for industrial companies. With this focus we have been able to build our team, capabilities, and resources, to perfectly match industry needs and expectations. Our speed, quality, and pricing, is a result of our discipline and experience. With SitePartners you get a team that are experts, not generalists. You get a team that understands what they are good at, and the trust of quality work.


74 years of industrial experience. Our team understands what it takes to build campaigns and concepts that impact your business. Our team knows the players, statistics, and challenges, and is able to provide research and strategy that is based on real insights.


We work in small teams with experienced staff. This model allows us to move quickly and produce work that is on brand. We know the industry and the work, which allows us to mobilize fast and get into the work quickly, so your budgets and time is not wasted. Construction moves fast, and so do we.


To produce good work you need specialized people. We bring that for every project. Our team has been on hundreds of industrial projects and tackled the common industry challenges. We know how the market communicates, makes decisions, and buys products and services.


This industry is built on relationships and confidentiality. We love that. We are a mature team that knows how to work with sensitive information. We know that the decisions we help impact can change an organization. We don’t take this lightly, and make sure our recommendations are based on real data and insights. We think long term and real impact.


Marketing is a business investment. We work hard to deliver results above our clients expectations. We plan and prepare in order to produce work that delivers value to the bottom line. We make our work personal and deliver performance. Our work is an example of that.

04. What We Believe

We are driven by our values and motivated by our mission, to help our clients lead the industrial sector. We hire the right people and source the right partners, to allow us to be on the front of innovation in this sector. We believe this industry is special and we are motivated to share that with the world.

Our Values

  • 01. People First
  • 02. Create Value
  • 03. Driven to Win
  • 04. Be Curious
  • 05. Preparation = Excellence

Our Mission

To elevate the Industrial Sector.

Our Vision

To be the modern partner for industrial brands that are building change.

05. Our Process

To produce great work you need a process built upon good strategy and a big-picture vision. Our team at SitePartners has established a custom marketing framework for our industrial clients. This framework allows us to roadmap a clear, defined direction and build a business-moving content strategy. We call our process the Tool Kit.

Research & Review

We start by performing a detailed audit of the business, brand, marketplace and competition. We request specific data and conduct stakeholder interviews from the client team, in order to build comprehensive marketing plans and activities to engage against targeted objectives.

Site Visit

We bring our project team to the job site of the client. This allows our creative and strategy teams to get an understanding of how the brand is managed. We speak with frontline staff, and select clients and partners to learn the core strengths and culture of a brand.

The BluePrint

Based on data collected in sections 01 and 02, we work as a team to build out our BluePrint document. This a complex strategic document that acts as a brief for the remainder of our engagement. An executive within the client-side will sign off and endorse the report.

Marketing Plan

Following approval of the BluePrint, our strategists build out a custom marketing plan, placing key activities with specific timelines. This becomes our operating document for the remainder of our engagement, and presents a finalized budget including advertising and production expenses.

Content & Creative

Our team moves into creative production and delivery. From video and photo production, to digital and web products. We do what we do best and build out the assets utilized for the plan.

Campaigns & Delivery

Once the content has been created, we build-out and design our distribution plan and delivery process. This is tied into our BluePrint and scheduled by our marketing plan.

Measure & Adapt

We measure our results and track the data. This leads us to make adjustments to our marketing plan and in turn changes our creative. We continue to repeat this process until objectives from the original brief are achieved.