Strategy & Growth

Good work is built on great strategy.

At SitePartners, we begin all of our engagements in research and discovery. This ensures that all creative work is rooted in real business insights, that will in turn, drive results. From comprehensive marketing plans and customer identification to account-based marketing and consulting, we ask big questions and seek even bigger answers. With our BluePrint Process, we build the strategic framework that positions industrial brands to be category leaders, so that they can win work on value, not price.

Our Services

Over 68% of successful B2B marketers have a documented content strategy.
(Content Marketing Institute, 2020)

01. The BluePrint

The BluePrint is a custom marketing framework that we prepare exclusively for our industrial partners. This deliverable is a detailed 40-50 page document that includes the strategic positioning of our client and their formal brand structure. Here, we identify the direction and data that initiates all the content we create, to truly move a business forward. Our BluePrint becomes a critical resource for our industrial clients, that they can share with key employees, partners, and stakeholders. We refer to this document at every critical juncture, and it guides the strategy for every marketing asset we deliver.

02. Brand Positioning

To set our industrial clients apart from their competition, we work closely with them to define, build, and position their brand. Our branding process includes reviewing and auditing our client’s current brand positioning in the industrial marketplace, analyzing and researching competitor brands, and identifying and defining the elements that make our client’s brand unique. From here, we create a brand positioning statement that communicates our client’s unique value to their market.

Building an audience is more valuable than direct sales for over 70% of brand managers.

(Onbrand, 2020)

03. Strategic Planning

This is where we work with our industrial partners to define their vision and set ambitious, yet achievable goals. Whether it’s to drive new business, attract new employees, or expand into a new market, our team of strategists uncover the potential for both optimizations and new growth opportunities. Here we'll identify the measurable performance indicators that will keep all business development efforts on the right track.

Entering our 50th year in business, SitePartners' BluePrint process elevated our brand as we entered a new era in construction.
–Tony Vigini // Wales McLelland

04. Marketing Management

Once we define the strategy, our team builds out a custom marketing plan, aligning key activities to specific timelines. Here, we oversee the entire content creation and production process of writing, designing, scheduling, delivering, monitoring, analyzing, and reporting. We continually track and measure the results, and make adjustments to our marketing plan as necessary, until the objectives from the BluePrint are achieved.

Personalization is the top strategy for over 47% of B2B marketers.

(Sagefrog, 2019)

05. Succession Planning

With many industrial brands having been in business for decades, it’s critical to consider how a business will continue to dominate its market seamlessly from one generation to the next. Our effective succession planning process helps our partners to attract, recruit, and retain superior employees, who will help lead the way for future success and sustainability for generations to come.

06. Go-To-Market Strategy

Whether it’s to introduce a new product or service offering, or diversify to a new market or territory, it’s important to craft a thorough and calculated go-to-market strategy. Here we research the competitive landscape, define the target audiences, outline the marketing plan, and map out the sales strategy. This ensures all resources are aligned and optimized accordingly, for a quick and effective launch that will produce immediate results.

Over 80% of the B2B buying process will take place without any human contact.

(Forrester & Gartner, 2018)