Market Research

Make decisions with confidence.

Before you enter a new market, add a new product or service offering, purchase new equipment, or hire new staff, you need to complete a thorough process of due diligence to ensure you’re making the right investments at the right time. At SitePartners, our team are experts in research, data collection, and analysis, and can help provide you with the visibility you need to make your major decisions with confidence. Consider us an extension of your team, with the tools, skills, and experience to move quickly when it matters.

Our Services

01. Business Development

Business development is a process that helps an organization establish and maintain relationships with prospects. This involves learning about their buying habits and personas, their team of decision makers and influential gatekeepers, their existing relationships with competitive vendors and suppliers, and where they are in their purchasing cycle at any given moment. By working closely with our industrial partners, we help them identify who their ideal customers are, and how they can support their long-term goals and sales targets.

89% of successful businesses anticipate customer needs.

(Econsultancy, 2017)

02. Marketing Audit

One of the most effective ways we help our industrial partners build a successful marketing plan is by first reviewing and auditing their past marketing strategies and tactics. Our marketing audit process involves a full evaluation of your website, landing pages, blog posts, and social media accounts, including any existing brochures and sales collateral, as well as the photography, video, and content used in past marketing campaigns. By doing this, we uncover valuable insights into what worked and what didn’t, to lay the groundwork for an action plan that will improve future marketing, sales, and business development performance.

03. Customer Research

The key to organically and sustainably growing your business is by understanding how well you’re able to meet the evolving needs of your current customers and potential prospects. We help our clients identify who their best customers are, defining their personas, traits, and habits, that we can compare and replicate against similar prospects. We’re also available to conduct customer satisfaction surveys, to determine what your value proposition is to your existing customers, and identify what areas you need to improve on to grow your customer base.

Nearly 90% of marketers confirm that understanding their customers’ journeys is critical for success.

(Econsultancy, 2017)

04. Competitor Benchmarking

Competitor benchmarking is important because it allows you to evaluate how well your organization compares to other businesses that you directly compete with in the same industry and market. We analyze and grade your competitors’ branding, website, social media accounts, and content strategies, to understand how they’re positioning their company, team, product and service offerings, and value proposition in comparison to yours. We then use this information to build solid marketing, sales, and business development strategies that improve upon what your competitors are doing, so you can emerge as an industry leader.

Working with SitePartners through their competitor benchmarking process was an eye-opening experience – I'm confident in the direction we're positioning the Ryzer brand.
–Ryan Vandelft // Principal at Ryzer Construction Services

05. Market Study

This is where we perform a thorough analysis of our client’s market, reviewing its size in both volume and value, including the economic environment in terms of barriers to entry and regulation. We evaluate what the different drivers of demand are, uncovering emerging market trends and identifying gaps in the industry, to leverage key business making decisions. This can include how to position a new product or service offering, whether it’s advantageous to invest in new technologies, equipment, or personnel, or what the growth potential is to expand and diversify into a new market or territory.

06. Industry News & Insights

One of the biggest challenges for industrial organizations is staying current with how quickly their industry is changing, and making sure they’re able to adapt to emerging buyer behaviours. At SitePartners, we monitor LinkedIn, press release newswires, procurement websites, and a full range of industry-respected trade publications and newsletters, keeping our clients updated on relevant announcements from competitors, existing customers, potential prospects, and industry regulators. This allows our clients to always stay informed on new competitors entering the market, as well as emerging projects and shifting buyer expectations.