Published May 6th, 2021

SitePartners continues to realize exponential growth to meet the needs of Western Canada’s booming industrial sector. We are pleased to welcome the addition of five new team members, bringing our team to over 25 marketing professionals across Western Canada.

Throughout the pandemic, we have seen the needs of our clients shift and the demand for digital transformation accelerate. Our team has remained focused on helping our industrial partners adapt to a new business normal with creative, strategic, and results-driven marketing solutions that grow our clients’ businesses.


Across the construction, manufacturing, distribution, and resource sectors that have often relied on industry association events, face-to-face meetings, and handshake deals to secure new business, we have worked hard to build specialized marketing solutions to help our partners navigate through this new pandemic landscape of how business opportunities are awarded.

The specialized services our team provides include:


As our company continues to eagerly take on new challenges for our growing list of industrial partnerships, Andrew Hansen, Founder and CEO of SitePartners, reflects on the importance of adding industry-leading talent to our already award-winning team:

“In response to several new business wins and multiple client project expansions throughout the past six months, we proudly welcome five new members to the growing team at SitePartners: Jono Saye, Jasmine Boyes, Andrew Grant, Mitchell Toth, and Hunter Robertson.”

“As a specialized marketing agency and consultancy, our number one resource has always been our people,” continues Andrew. “These five new hires bring a range of skills and experience that will allow our team to build on our areas of specialization, so we can continue to deliver creative and strategic solutions for our industrial partners’ evolving challenges.”

Danica Gallaher, VP of Communications and Strategy at SitePartners, comments on the impact these new hires will bring to the team’s capabilities: “This is a huge win for SitePartners, and a huge win for our partners.”


Danica has been instrumental in the growth of SitePartners since joining the team over two years ago, where her work has helped earn her recognition as a finalist for the Surrey Board of Trade Women in Business Award within the Corporate Leadership category. “We are already delivering high-performance marketing and communications support for our partners, so the addition of Jono Saye as Creative Director is an exciting addition to our high-energy, high-production team,” concludes Danica.

“This is another evolution in the services we offer, and I’m excited for the work we get to do!”


Jono Saye, Creative Director at SitePartners, has built his career in the world of creative advertising. Over the years, he’s contributed to national campaigns across multiple industries for award-winning agencies, including Spring Advertising and Cossette. With a diverse portfolio primarily as a copywriter, but also as a video editor and animator, Jono has created award-winning work for leading brands that include McDonald’s, Uber, Curling Canada, and many more.

Brett Rutledge, VP of Creative at SitePartners, was heavily involved in the decision to hire Jono as Creative Director. “To echo what Danica has said, this is an evolution in the services we offer, and Jono’s experience allows our team to solve even bigger and more complex problems, while elevating the creative output on the advertising campaigns we deliver for some of Canada’s most trusted industrial brands.”

“When everyone has access to the same media buying and digital advertising tools, the big differentiator becomes your creative output,” continues Brett. “The addition of Jono will allow our team to further explore strategic and creative ways to help our partners stand out and efficiently get their messaging across.”


Brett has also played an integral role in the long-term growth of SitePartners, as one of the first members of the team that helped lead the company’s vision while attracting many of the marketing professionals who would later join the company. “Looking back to where we started out to where we are today, it’s huge,” concludes Brett. “Marketing professionals are seeing what we’re doing, and they want to be a part of it. It’s that simple.”

“And the results speak for themselves in the quality of work we deliver, and the lasting partnerships we build with our clients.”


To help increase our capacity across our full range of communications services, we hired Jasmine Boyes as Communications Manager at SitePartners, who brings over 15 years of experience managing corporate communications programs and community relations initiatives.


Kayla Bordignon, Director of Communications and Engagement at SitePartners, shares Danica’s and Brett’s excitement in the impact these new hires bring to the team, commenting on how well Jasmine Boyes is going to contribute to our communications service offerings: “With major construction projects well underway, we’ve been receiving increased demand from our partners to become more involved in their communications campaigns. Jasmine will allow us to continue to play an even larger role in the strategy, planning, and roll-out of our communications and engagement services.”

“She’s already leading the development of corporate presentations, community newsletters, and many other marketing, communications, and public relations campaigns that will help our partners attract talent and scale up to support major infrastructure projects,” continues Kayla. “Jasmine is also actively involved in our Indigenous Relations specialization, which includes the development of Indigenous inclusion plans while facilitating stakeholder engagement activities.”

“Jasmine is an experienced, organized, and process-driven professional that has stepped in to make an immediate impact to our team and the work we deliver to our partners,” concludes Kayla. “Combined with her strong interpersonal skills, Jasmine has proven herself to be a valuable member to our growing communications team.”


Justin Van Mulligen, VP of Operations at SitePartners, and Tyler Jacobson, Director of Client Services at SitePartners, also comment on the importance of hiring experienced professionals to make an immediate impact to the team.

“SitePartners is already operating at a high level. The ability to add experienced marketing professionals to our team will allow us to scale up our capacity quickly and seamlessly,” states Justin Van Mulligen. “Our hiring of Andrew Grant as a Brand Strategist and Copywriter is a perfect example of this.”


Andrew Grant brings over 15 years of agency and in-house experience, with a focus on branding, strategy, and copywriting for leaders in the heavy equipment and distribution industries.

“Andrew Grant has already made immediate contributions to our industrial partners,” confirms Tyler Jacobson. “He just gets it; whether it’s to lead a BluePrint strategy meeting or write content for websites, brochures, or digital ad campaigns, Andrew delivers on-brand marketing with passion and professionalism.”


“We’ve also been receiving a lot of interest from leading brands in the heavy equipment manufacturing and distribution industries. By adding Andrew Grant to our team and leveraging his specialized experience within these sectors, it elevates our team’s ability to service these industries at a high level,” concludes Tyler.

“But the most interest we receive from leaders across every industrial sector is for our video and photography production,” states Justin Van Mulligen. “This is what we’re recognized for across the industry, and by hiring Mitchell Toth as a Content Strategist, we’re ready to meet the demand for high-quality video and photo production on many high-profile construction projects that will take shape over the summer.”


Mitchell Toth brings ten years of storytelling experience in video and photography production, with the ability to quickly edit and transform digital assets into engaging content.


“We can now mobilize multiple video and photography production crews throughout the busy construction months, even in the most remote areas across Western Canada,” comments Justin. “And with Mitchell’s content creation specialization, he’s able to capture, edit, and publish content in a quick turnaround.”


“And the hiring of Hunter Robertson as a Marketing Assistant continues our tradition of hiring marketing professionals with prior work experience in the construction industry,” concludes Justin. “In addition to the valuable first-hand perspective Hunter brings to the projects we work on, he also brings a positive attitude and an ambitious energy to the SitePartners teammates he supports.”

Now with over 25 marketing professionals who bring 200+ combined years of industry experience across Western Canada, the team at SitePartners is equipped to lead full-service marketing, branding, and communications projects, from planning and strategy to creative and execution.

“The overwhelming majority of our team is comprised of marketing professionals with well over 10 years of industry experience,” states Andrew Hansen. “True professionals in every sense, these people are passionate about the work they do and committed to execute at the highest levels, while providing valuable leadership to our partners throughout the process.”

“As the scope of work and type of projects our team delivers continues to evolve, the importance of attracting and retaining the right people will maintain our position on the front of innovation in the industrial sector for years to come.”

If you have an industrial marketing, branding, or communications project that requires strategic and creative support, please reach out to to get a conversation started!

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