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By Andrew HansenAndrew Hansen

Published January 8th, 2022

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2021 has been another unique year for SitePartners, to say the least.

This certainly felt like one of the fastest years in recent memory, in reference to the speed in which our team operated, grew, and responded to our partners’ marketing and communications challenges. Demand for the industrial sector has never been greater, and SitePartners is fortunate to work with industry leaders who continue to build and support critical infrastructure across Western Canada at scale.


Even in the face of evolving challenges and uncertainty that the pandemic continues to create, 2021 was a year of significant growth for our team at SitePartners. As we reflect on this past year, we want to share a quick summary of what we accomplished and where our team is headed in 2022:

We Were Recognized on the International Stage for our Growth.

After experiencing significant growth in revenue, employees, and clients, throughout the past three years, SitePartners was ranked as the 12th Fastest Growing Agency by Adweek in 2021, which also ranks as the 2nd Fastest Growing International Agency.

Due in large part to the calculated investments we’ve made in our team and service offerings, we now have the depth and range of experience across all areas of marketing, branding, and communications, to accomplish more for our industrial clients. By hiring the right people, aligning ourselves with the right partners, and offering in-demand services, SitePartners is fulfilling its vision as the modern partner for industrial brands that are building change.

To achieve this level of recognition within our industry on the international stage is a testament to our team and our talent, and our commitment to the work we do for our clients and each other.

We Grew Our Stakeholder & Community Engagement Team.

With so many critical industrial projects happening across Western Canada, SitePartners grew to meet an increasing demand for specialized engagement and essential communications services, to support major infrastructure projects and other province-wide programs.

Under the leadership of Danica Gallaher, VP of Communications & Strategy, and Kayla Bordignon, Director of Communications & Engagement, we grew our Stakeholder & Community Engagement Team to five employees: welcoming Jasmine Boyes, Communications Manager, Amanda Jarl, Communications & Engagement Manager, and Micheyla Mayne, Marketing & Communications Specialist, to our experienced team.

Highlights of what our team was able to accomplish in 2021 include our long-term commitment to the Highway 91/17 Upgrade Project: a large-scale highways project, representing the construction consortium that includes Ledcor, Aecon, and BEL Contracting. The scope of this work includes traffic communications, stakeholder relations, issues management, crisis communications, and community engagement.

We also entered year two of work for BC Wildfire Service, helping develop communications and engagement plans and roll-out for an enhanced provincial prescribed fire program. This work also included speaking with Indigenous peoples to learn and share stories related to traditional ecological knowledge around fire stewardship.

SitePartners also earned a new scope of work for MetroVancouver that includes Indigenous relations, community relations, and stakeholder engagement for a major expansion of a wastewater treatment facility. SitePartners is working with MetroVancouver and the contractor on this dynamic project.

With an increased capacity and an efficient, experienced team that knows how to support industrial leaders, we look forward to supporting new and existing clients with specialized communications to ensure their projects are a success for all stakeholders.

We Grew Our Content Production Team

One of the areas we’ve continued to receive a year-over-year increasing demand for is our content creation and video production capacity. Whether it’s to help inspire employees, recruit new talent, educate customers, or showcase projects, we help our industrial partners tell their story with more than word.

With many of the video production projects beginning with the vision and strategic direction from Andrew Hansen, Founder & CEO of SitePartners, Andrew welcomed Jono Saye, Creative Director, and Mitchell Toth, Content Strategist, to the Video Production Team in 2021.

Jono has contributed to national marketing campaigns across multiple industries, and provides the creative direction on all video productions, from large-scale active construction sites to the frontlines of a wildfire. Mitchell brings over 10 years of experience in video production, adding to our high-performance team that already includes Chris Ruiter, Content Strategist, Ben Lum, Video Production Lead, and Quinn Patterson, Video Post-Production Lead.

Having filmed, edited, and released over 115 videos in 2021, project highlights include:

  • completing a road trip across Western Canada to capture stories of construction companies making an impact,
  • making junk removal more accessible without the garbage pricing,
  • sharing the process of an innovative modular manufacturer,
  • showcasing the scale and scope of water management,
  • capturing the purpose of a national builder, and
  • helping a construction leader celebrate their 50-year milestone.

With many more video production projects lined up for 2022 to accomplish a full range of branding, marketing, and sales deliverables, the SitePartners Video Production Team has the experience and capacity to deliver content safely, efficiently, and strategically.

We Grew Our Strategy, Brand, and Creative Teams.

Throughout 2021, we saw increased demand from our industrial partners to help them establish strong reputations and relationships within their markets. Led by an experienced management team of Justin Van Mulligen, VP of Operations, and Tyler Jacobson, Director of Client Services, we added to our strategic and creative teams by hiring Andrew Grant, Brand Strategist & Copywriter.

Andrew Grant made immediate contributions in 2021, providing guidance and experience in strategy sessions and branding campaigns, while writing content for taglines and positioning statements to websites and white papers. This bolstered our already high-production copywriting services, driven by Aaron Candido, to increase the capacity for more of the long-form and technical content our industrial partners have begun asking for.

We also received a huge contribution from Matt Rubuliak, Marketing Manager, whose development in 2021 played a major role in SitePartners’ ability to take on more strategic and creative projects that increased in complexity. We also took this opportunity to hire Hunter Robertson, Marketing Assistant, who provides support to our project management teams to help keep timelines moving productively.

Another team member making a significant contribution to our strategy, brand, and creative teams is James Cook, Senior Designer at SitePartners, whose multidisciplinary experience in web, video, and print has helped extend our partners’ messaging across multiple touchpoints. And with Jono adding creative oversight, direction, and clarity throughout our full range of strategic and creative services, we have an efficient marketing and branding team that solves business problems for the industrial sector.

We Remained Leaders in Web Development and Digital Marketing

And maintaining the capacity to design and develop over 25 websites in 2021, SitePartners remained leaders in creating engaging digital experiences across the industrial sector. Under the guidance of Brett Rutledge, VP of Digital, and Anthony McLaughlin, VP of Technology, we deliver confident and credible websites that enhance industrial brands and get their messaging across.

As key contributors to the long-term growth of the company since SitePartners began in early 2018, the visionary and technical leadership that both Brett and Anthony bring has been consistent in attracting talented, like-minded professionals to join our team. This allows us to remain on the front of innovation in digital marketing for the industrial sector.

Helping to target and connect the right audiences to our websites, Caleb Maurice, our Certified Digital Marketing Manager at SitePartners, plans and executes paid media campaigns that continually get results. All our digital marketing campaigns include data analysis and reporting, whether we’re completing social media management, email marketing, or landing page solutions.

With a team of over 25 talented and driven marketing and communications professionals, and offices in Surrey, BC, and Calgary, Alberta, SitePartners is excited to continue to elevate the industrial sector as a strategic, creative, and tactical partner that will help advance our clients’ businesses in 2022!


If you have an industrial marketing, branding, or communications project that requires strategic and creative support, please reach out to to get a conversation started!

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