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By Andrew GrantAndrew Grant

Published March 25th, 2024

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01. Kickoff + Discovery Sessions.

We start by performing a review of your business, brand, marketplace, and competition to frame the conversation during our discovery sessions. We request specific data and conduct stakeholder interviews with your key team members to dig below what is on the surface and truly understand what differentiates you from your competition. We conduct these sessions in order to build comprehensive marketing plans and activities to engage against your business objectives.

02. Stakeholder Interviews + Site Visit.

We make sure to include additional stakeholder interviews as part of our process, tailored to your team's schedule and requirements. Whether it's during our on-site visit, through virtual meetings, or via a questionnaire, we aim to gather valuable insights from key frontline members and witness your brand in action.

Our process involves bringing our project team directly to your job site. This hands-on approach helps our creative and strategy teams grasp how your brand operates. Additionally, we often reach out to specific clients and partners, provided by you, to better understand the unique strengths and culture of your brand.

03. The BluePrint.

Drawing from the insights we gather in sections 01 and 02, our team works together to craft your BluePrint document. Think of it as your roadmap for our entire collaboration. This detailed document outlines exactly how we'll engage with your target audience in a genuine and compelling way. We present it to your team, and are committed to refining it until it perfectly aligns with your goals and gets your executive sign-off.

04. Your Branding Foundation.

Upon approval of the BluePrint, our strategists diligently craft a customized plan tailored to your objectives and the scope of our engagement. This comprehensive document, whether outlining a social content strategy, website strategy, marketing strategy, or a blend of these elements, serves as our operational compass throughout the duration of our collaboration. It informs and guides every team member involved, ensuring cohesive execution aligned with your goals.

05. Content & Creative.

This is where all your strategies come to life. Our team dives headfirst into creative production and delivery. Whether it's crafting captivating videos, snapping stunning photos, or designing elevated digital and web products, our talented creative team work their magic to breathe life into your brand's messaging. We stay true to your brand identity while making it shine brighter than ever. With your approved strategies as our guide, we roll up our sleeves and get to work, keeping you involved every step of the way.

06. Campaigns & Delivery.

After we've created your content, it needs to reach your audience. We kick things off by developing a custom distribution plan and delivery process. With concrete deadlines and delivery dates set in place, we orchestrate everything through seamless teamwork. Our goal? Ensuring that your content hits the scene at just the right moment to captivate your target audience and deliver the results you're after. This is intricately woven into our BluePrint and follows your strategic plan.

07. Measure & Repeat.

We're all about crunching the numbers and digging into the data through the right platforms for your campaign. This invaluable insight guides us in tweaking your Marketing Plan and Strategy, which naturally influences our creative direction. It's a dynamic cycle—we keep refining and fine-tuning until we've nailed the objectives laid out in the original brief. And guess what? We're in it for the long haul, so this process is ongoing to ensure we're always hitting the mark.

Ready to get started?

From our very first discussion, we're all ears, ready to dive deep into understanding your brand and, even more crucially, your unique needs. It's all about collaboration from the start. So, why wait? Reach out to us today and let's start the conversation on how we can team up to take your brand to new heights and achieve those stellar results you're after.

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