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By AJ BrownAJ Brown

Published April 23rd, 2024

When it comes to marketing in the Industrial sector, we've got to acknowledge the stark differences between B2B and B2C setups. Unlike your typical consumer buy, B2B purchases involve a whole bunch of players weighing in – think finance, procurement, operations, and the bigwigs at the top. It's not a snap decision; it's a marathon of meetings, evaluations, and negotiations.

Now, you might think B2B deals are all about logic and reason, but surprise, surprise – emotions play a big part here too. According to Harvard Business School's Gerard Zaltman, a whopping 95% of our decision-making happens in our subconscious. Yep, even in the boardroom, it's feelings that often seal the deal, with logic playing catch-up.

In the Industrial sector, forming an emotional bond with your B2B customers is gold. These purchases are serious business – complex, costly, and risky. Making the wrong call doesn't just affect the bottom line; it could shake up your job security.

But here's the kicker: many B2B marketing efforts miss the mark by obsessing over product specs and features. Sure, those matter, but in sectors where offerings are pretty similar across the board, they're not the game-changer. What really sets you apart is the emotional connection you build with your brand. Even if your buyers swear they're being purely logical, emotions still sway their decisions.

So, how do you win hearts and minds in the Industrial sector? Well, you've gotta speak to both the head and the heart. It's not just about ticking boxes on specs and price; it's about touching on deeper, more personal desires.

When it comes to thought leadership, remember: executives are people too, not just decision-makers in suits. Show them you get their hopes, fears, and dreams, and you'll strike a chord.

And don't stop at solving today's problems; paint a picture of the future. Deloitte's Future of Mobility isn't just about the next tech gadget; it's about reimagining how we'll live and work down the road.

Most importantly, make your buyers feel proud and inspired. It's not enough to promise cost savings or seamless integration; you've gotta show how partnering with you can elevate their careers and make a real impact.

Lastly, don't underestimate the power of emotional priming. Lay the groundwork for that connection early on with thought leadership that speaks to their challenges and aspirations. When decision time rolls around, they'll already be feeling good about choosing you.

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