The Value of Indigenous Participation on Construction Projects

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As a specialized marketing agency and consultancy for the industrial sector with an experienced Indigenous Relations and Stakeholder Engagement team, we have observed the value Indigenous participation brings to the construction industry. Through their deep knowledge and intimate history of the land, in addition to their experience and capacity to fulfill projects of all sizes, Indigenous perspectives bring immeasurable value to any project.

It is critical for industrial companies to invest in Indigenous engagement, focusing on developing meaningful relationships through listening to Indigenous partners and understanding their communities, values, interests, and objectives. Building these relationships allows companies to earn trust and shows a willingness to work together on projects that bring true value to everyone involved.

SitePartners helps Construction Leaders Partner with Indigenous Communities on infrastructure projects
Mike Coyne (right), President of LandSea Camp Services with Alfred James (left), CEO of Shxw’owhamel Ventures, reviewing project plans during the pre-construction phase.

Indigenous Communities possess a strong desire to be self-sufficient and economically involved in sustainable local projects. At SitePartners, we help our industrial partners explore partnership opportunities including profit sharing, long-term employment, skills training and development, and other initiatives that deliver lasting and meaningful value to local Indigenous Communities.

To help our industrial partners facilitate this important commitment to Indigenous engagement, we develop and lead a comprehensive Indigenous Inclusion Plan. This plan outlines corporate policy, identifies goals and initiatives, schedules communication tactics, lists opportunities for inclusion, and outlines key communities of focus. Project-specific Indigenous Inclusion Plans are flexible, with the ability to modify depending on community interest levels, capacity, and desires to be included.

SitePartners helps place skilled Indigenous workers in construction leadership roles
Supervisors from Shxw’owhamel Ventures providing guidance and leadership on a project within Shxw’owhamel First Nation traditional territory.

One of the first steps we implement with every corporate Indigenous Inclusion Plan we deliver, is for our industrial partners and their employees to participate in Corporate Indigenous Awareness Training. This training offers a deep understanding of Indigenous history, culture, and communication styles, with a goal to provide the guidance and tools to effectively work with Indigenous Peoples. 

Throughout each Indigenous Inclusion Plan we prepare, we emphasize ways our industrial partners can enter every conversation and meeting with Indigenous Communities with the intention to listen. This includes welcoming opportunities to hear stories and learn more about community goals, to determine a path forward together based on these insights, understandings, and aspirations.

SitePartners helps Industrial Leaders with Indigenious Inclusion on Construction Projects
Worker gaining valuable employment and training opportunities on a local construction project.

At SitePartners, we bring experience and project success to our industrial partners through our Indigenous Relations service offering, building meaningful relationships with Indigenous Communities across Western Canada to maximize inclusion on major construction and infrastructure projects.

To learn more about how we can help you achieve your Indigenous engagement and inclusion goals, please contact Kayla Bordignon, Director of Communications and Engagement at SitePartners.