Lindsay Nelson
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Digital Marketing Manager

Meet Lindsay Nelson, a seasoned Digital Marketing Manager with over a decade of expertise in social media management and channel strategy. With a keen eye for creativity and a relentless dedication to achieving measurable results, Lindsay brings a wealth of experience to the dynamic world of digital marketing. Throughout Lindsay's career, she's navigated the nuances of both in-house marketing and agency environments, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in crafting and executing successful digital strategies. Lindsay specializes in elevating engagement levels, building brand awareness, and driving follower growth. Her approach combines strategic insight, data-driven decision-making, and a genuine passion for the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Beyond the metrics and analytics, Lindsay enjoys creating narratives that not only resonate but also deliver meaningful outcomes. Lindsay firmly believes that a well-executed digital strategy is more than just numbers—it's about telling compelling stories that forge authentic connections with the target audience. When she’s not researching the latest digital trends, Lindsay enjoys spending time in the mountains, and checking out all of the amazing food spots Vancouver has to offer.

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