Public Relations

We get brands talked about.

To win work and attract talent, the right people need to know about you. From press releases to media kits, to brand management and stakeholder engagement, our public relations team navigates and supports our industrial clients in the public market. Whether it’s for a new acquisition, a new project, a new stakeholder, or a major milestone, we protect and promote your brand when and where it counts.

Our Services

Over 88% of public relations professionals believe that digital storytelling is the future of communications.
(USC Annenberg, 2017)

01. Earned Media

Earned media, also known as publicity, is any content about your business that has been written, published, and/or shared by a third party, that you haven’t paid for or created yourself. Earned media has expanded beyond the traditional mediums of print and television, and our experienced team of public relations experts can harness it in several ways. Particularly as digital marketing and social media platforms continue to evolve, we’ve adapted our public relations toolkit to ignite and influence conversations about our industrial clients’ brands online.

The additional publicity we generate for our clients has helped them win additional construction projects.
–Doug Scott // President at Wales McLelland Construction

02. Media Kit Creation

A media kit has a specific focus and purpose beyond what a corporate website or social media post can convey. At SitePartners, we help you write detailed and engaging press releases, including a summary about your business and your team, contact details and testimonials, images and logos, reports and statistics, frequently asked questions and answers, and a list of notable projects and clients. This allows us to use media kits to support the launch of a new product or service offering, announce a new employee promotion or company acquisition, or promote breaking ground on a new project or reaching a major milestone, to give our industrial clients an opportunity to control their messaging and present their brands as they want to be seen.

03. Crisis Communications

A corporate crisis can arise at any time without warning, which is why it’s critical to be prepared with a crisis management and communication plan, to be able to respond quickly and professionally. While not all crises can be averted, the way an organization responds to and manages them can have long-lasting effects on the reputation and perceived value of the brand, the organization, and the leadership team. This is why we work with our industrial partners to help them document appropriate crisis communication strategies, which includes assigning spokesperson responsibilities, preparing proactive damage control and case escalation measures, and delivering press releases and social media response communications.

Only 32% of board members say their companies engage in crisis communications training.

(Deloitte, 2016)

04. Media Monitoring

Many industrial businesses recognize that public relations has the potential to increase their brand’s visibility and image within their market, but without having media monitoring and management processes in place, they could be missing out on critical earned media opportunities. At SitePartners, our public relations team helps our industrial partners expand the reach of their earned media efforts, maintaining positive messaging that will influence their intended audiences. We’re able to track traditional and digital media mentions, where we can share these alerts with our client’s leadership team, to engage and interact with the earned media in a responsive turnaround time.

05. Brand Management

Our brand management services leverage media channels to promote our industrial partners’ reputation and establish a positive public perception. Here, we ensure our clients’ brands are being published with logos and imagery that are current, team member names, titles, and contact info that is accurate, and messaging that is targeted and relevant. By ensuring our clients’ brands are being represented with consistent messaging and imagery, we’re able to earn them trust and authenticity throughout their industry.

60% of PR executives believe that content creation through social media is critical for public relations communication.

(USC Annenberg, 2017)