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From traditional to digital media, we know how to manage marketing spend to generate results, where every dollar we spend is tracked and measured. At SitePartners, we manage media spend and advertising activities for brands in the construction, manufacturing, and resource-based sectors. We offer complete transparency and spend the dollars as if they are our own. Whether you’re looking to expand your presence on social media or television, in a specific territory or across North America, we have you covered.

Our Services

01. Social Media Advertising

Advertising on social media allows your brand to be both present and relevant to your target audiences, on the digital platforms they choose to spend their time on. Our digital marketing strategists are experienced in setting up a range of targeted social media campaigns – including website remarketing, engaged audience, and targeted lookalike campaigns – where we’re able to target and track specific audiences that have previously visited your website or social media account, or from customer or prospect email addresses that exist in your CRM database. Whether it’s on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, we have the tools, experience, and expertise to reach qualified audiences in a variety of ways.

Increased exposure, improved website traffic, lead generation, and growing fan loyalty are among the top reasons why marketers use social media in their campaigns.

(Statista, 2019)

02. Search Engine Advertising

Also known as SEM (search engine marketing), we use search engine advertising to ensure that our industrial clients’ business is visible and highly ranked in search engine result pages. We offer both PPC (pay-per-click) and CPC (cost-per-click) search engine advertising models on both Google and Bing, and we deliver full campaign servicing, including keyword targeting, ad text writing, landing page conversion tracking, and ad group management. We can use search engine advertising to launch your new product or service offering, improve visibility and reach when hiring for new positions, and increase brand awareness in highly competitive and saturated keyword searches.

75% of consumers admit paid search ads make it easier to find the information they are searching for on a search engine.

(Clutch, 2018)

03. Digital Display Advertising

Digital display advertising allows us the ability to run a variety of different size and format ads across a large collection of websites – on popular news, sports, weather, and hobby pages, as well as mobile apps and social media platforms – that match the interests, behaviours, and demographics of your target audiences. Through text, graphic, and video ads, we’re able to set up both prospecting and remarketing campaigns. This allows us to target prospects who have no previous knowledge of your brand to gain general awareness, while also being able to remarket to people who have already visited and engaged with your website to convert them into customers.

Retargeted ads generate a 10x higher click-thru rate than traditional display ads.

(Kenshoo, 2019)

04. Trade Publication Advertising

A dominant presence on a respected trade publication can earn trust and increase your brand’s perceived authority within your specific, niche industry, to a targeted and loyal audience. We’ve worked closely with trade publishers to negotiate ad bundle discounts and offer preferred placement near relevant articles, while also submitting content to be included as news articles, tech updates, and job listings. Many trade publications also supplement their print and digital magazines with email newsletters to their subscribed viewers, adding an additional avenue to reach a highly targeted audience.

63% of B2B consumers actively read at least one trade publication.

(Mequoda Systems, 2018)

05. TV, Radio & Outdoor Advertising

While most of the advertising services we offer our clients are online advertising opportunities, there are still circumstances where traditional advertising methods – such as television, radio, and outdoor/out-of-home – are recommended to supplement an integrated marketing plan. Whether it’s for a series of informative television commercials to run across Canada during the news, a local radio spot to describe a new service offering during the morning rush hour traffic station, or a strategically placed billboard near a construction site to promote new job openings, the opportunities to advertise your business and engage with your audience are endless.

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Watch: FireSmartBC 30-Second Television Ad
We were thrilled with the coverage our Provincial awareness campaign received – generating over 250,000 impressions in 6 months!
–Amanda Reynolds // FireSmartBC Lead

06. Media Planning & Buying

Before our team of marketing strategists begin any advertising campaign, we first determine how, when, and where we will be engaging with your target audience. This process includes deciding what type of media will be shared and on what platforms, what the goals, budgets, and timelines of the campaign will be, and how we will track the effectiveness of our efforts. This gives your industrial brand the opportunity to put the right messaging in front of the right people, at any point in their customer journey. Our full-service media planning offering includes media buying and distribution, ad design and content creation, and tracking and analyzing, for a complete advertising management package.

Ad placement and audience targeting are the top media planning tactics that marketers use to optimize their ad campaigns.

(HubSpot, 2020)