Wales McLelland

Branding an Industry Giant

Scope Of Work

Strategy, Web, Video, Photo, Social Media, PR

Wales McLelland Construction is a leader in commercial and industrial construction. For over 50 years they have been building excellence and partnership across Canada. Entering their 50th year in business in 2020, Wales McLelland decided this was an ideal opportunity to modernize their brand and marketing, to showcase their position in the marketplace. In the construction industry there are a lot of builders, but very few are specialized. Wales McLelland exclusively builds for the commercial and industrial sectors, and needed a brand to reflect that. Our team at SitePartners completed a 3-month strategic review of the brand and business for Wales McLelland, which led to a new positioning statement, along with a marketing communications plan to position Wales McLelland as a leader in the marketplace.

A New Website

Building from the new strategy and position, we created a modern and mobile-first website for Wales McLelland. The website was designed with two primary audiences: employees and customers. Showcasing the strength and specialization of the brand was a major focus and was achieved through brand imagery, visual layout, and video banners. Throughout the design and development, our team continued to design for usability in the field and on mobile.

We wanted to clearly communicate that Wales McLelland worked exclusively in the commercial and industrial markets. The new web experience showcased this, and established confidence by presenting project profiles, based on custom sorting functionality between industrial and commercial markets. A custom News section created a place to share and present key information such as new project awards, industry awards, and insights.

Showing Confidence

We created a new corporate video for Wales McLelland, to communicate their custom end-to-end service to the market. Rather than compete in a sector that is overly commoditized and price driven, we worked with Wales McLelland to create a class of its own. The corporate video helped position Wales McLelland as a specialized builder, focused on driving value.

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Creating Authority through PR

To position Wales McLelland as an industry leader, we used public relations and earned media, as an opportunity to showcase authority. From the Vancouver Sun to OnSite Magazine, we have worked to get Wales featured as the leader in commercial and industrial construction. Positioning Wales McLelland as an authority in the marketplace was a key focus, and gaining key mentioned and media impressions in key conversations was crucial in our long-term plan.

Conversation In The Community

To communicate the new strategic positioning, social media was used to educate and convert new clients, and engage with prospective employees and partners. With a focus on positioning Wales McLelland as the leader in industrial and commercial construction, we worked to get them into the conversation at the right time. Connecting with partners, stakeholders, and municipalities, as well as candidates across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Excellence Through Imagery

To support the new strategy and brand, we created new corporate photography to showcase what makes Wales McLelland special. We captured the people behind the business, and the different ways that they build projects as a company.

Attracting Talent

What makes Wales McLelland special is their people. We created a culture and values video, to help give people an insight on the investment that is made into each employee. Interviewing the corporate leaders, we helped create a story and narrative that connected with talent in the industry to look at bringing their career to the industry’s best.

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