How We Shaped A Story To Drive Sales

Scope Of Work

Strategy, Video, Photo, Social, Brand, PR, BluePrint

SiteMax Systems is a Vancouver-based construction software company, focused on building solutions for the job site. When we first met we knew it would be a perfect fit. We started working with SiteMax in early 2018, and have enjoyed a multi-year partnership that has led to creative campaigns, business results, and industry awareness. Over the past couple of years we have worked hard to deliver creative and strategic services, to reposition SiteMax as an industry leader in a competitive market. Through creative campaigns to complex videos series, we're shifting an industry perspective and are building a story to drive sales.

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Watch: The SiteMax Story

A Clear Strategy

To drive success and momentum in this industry, the first task was to focus on who SiteMax was and their ideal customer profile. Working with the SiteMax leadership team, we held off-site strategy sessions to identify the target market and strategy. Upon strategic review, we were able to develop a new tagline of “Less Paperwork, More Building.”; a clear statement to connect with their ideal profile. Following the tagline, we worked to create supporting positioning statements focused on “Simple. Powerful. Construction Software for the job site”.

Sharing Customer Stories To Build Trust

Purchasing construction software is a big decision. It impacts a company’s operations, finance, and quality. This created a long sales cycle for SiteMax, and required customers to see validation and examples of success. To meet this challenge, we created a series of case study videos to help build trust in the beginning stages. Having the opportunity to show multiple case study videos helped build confidence, trust, and awareness in a competitive market.

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Watch: Bold Construction Case Study
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Watch: Wales Case Study

Creating a Podcast to Increase Brand Authority

One of SiteMax’s goals is to connect and empower the construction industry. In 2019 we decided to launch a podcast, to build a community for the construction industry to connect, share lessons learned, and discuss job site stories to motivate the next generation. We called the podcast “The SiteVisit”, to represent the focus on the job site and the stories and lessons found in the field. From March 2019 to November 2019 we recorded and produced over 22 Episodes, connecting with thousands in the construction industry. Our Podcast was featured in the Vancouver Sun, Financial Post, and multiple other publications. With monthly downloads and plays in the thousands, we have been able to create a medium to connect the industry.

Industry Conferences to Another Level

Industry Conferences are a regular occurrence for construction. We partnered with SiteMax to make their presence felt, and that attention was captured from the target audience by taking an integrated approach to conferences in Alberta, Chicago, and Vancouver. With a combination of photography, social media, paid advertisement, and video production, we drove foot traffic and momentum to the SiteMax Booth.

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Watch: BuildEx Calgary
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Watch: BuildEx Vancouver

Using Social Media To Educate And Convert

To help communicate the story, benefits, and advantages of SiteMax, we used social media to connect with stakeholders. Managing LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, allowed us to control the message and narrative to drive sales results. From winning industry awards to driving conversions, our ability to build a story online impacted the bottom line.

Brand Imagery & Photography That Connects

To support the story and focus of SiteMax, we created a new set of brand photography and imagery to connect with the target audience. The customer of SiteMax wanted to connect and feel alignment with the brand. We worked hard to capture and create an image that resonated.