Peak Construction Group

Branding an Established Builder in an Evolving Construction Industry

Scope Of Work

Website, Copywriting, Video, Photo

Founded in 1992, Peak Construction Group quickly established itself in the development and construction of wood-frame and concrete multi-family residential buildings throughout the BC Lower Mainland. As other developers recognized the efficiencies of Peak’s planning and construction processes, Peak soon diversified their business to include commercial, institutional, and specialized buildings across North America. With an increased market demand for new standards in high-performance, functional, and sustainable building developments, the SitePartners team was approached to help Peak Construction Group launch a new website that elevates their brand and re-positions them as so much more than a multi-family residential builder.

A New Website with Client-Focused Messaging

The immediate and lasting impression Peak wanted to achieve with the messaging on their website was how focused they are on their clients’ needs. The copywriting service we provided for Peak ensured this was the first thing a viewer saw when visiting their website, and tied this messaging into every service offering, sector, advantage, and project we featured throughout the website.

Defining Multi-Sector and Multi-Jurisdictional Specializations

Peak Construction Group has successfully diversified into multiple building sectors in many provinces and states across North America. Having already earned a reputation for building high-volume, multi-family, and multi-building residential projects in Vancouver, BC, Peak wanted to showcase their experience in commercial warehouse distribution and retail developments, institutional complex care buildings, and specialized architecturally challenging projects all over North America. We profiled recent and current projects that showcased how Peak is specialized to exceed expectations in all sectors, and dedicated a page to Peak’s robust OHS program that covers multiple jurisdictions.

“We are extremely pleased with how our new website positions us to meet the expectations of developers across North America.”

Doug Wilson // CEO at Peak Construction Group

Launching a New Service Offering

As former developers, Peak offers guidance, experience, and expertise throughout the planning and construction processes for their clients within their new Development Management service offering. From land acquisition to final sales and everything in between, we helped Peak define how they help their clients mitigate risks and maximize returns by providing transparent communication and detailed reporting to ensure all timelines, expectations, and goals are met.

A Leader in Innovative Construction Methods

Peak Construction Group is one of the industry leaders bringing Passive House construction to North America, and is recognized for building Canada’s first large-scale Passive House project. With increased demand for higher standards in innovative construction methods for sustainable buildings, Peak wanted to make sure their commitment to value engineering, extensive knowledge of building codes, and high attention to detail was highlighted.

Documenting the Before & After for Detailed Project Overviews

SitePartners provided video and photo production, showcasing the scope of a large-scale mixed-use development and the complexity of high-profile, luxury towers. This included being on-site during various stages of construction and post-construction, both from the ground and from a drone.

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