Mainland Construction

Big Company, Small Company Values

Scope Of Work

Video, Photo, Web, Social Media, Strategy

Since 1970, Mainland has been supplying high-quality construction products and relationship-based construction services throughout British Columbia. Over the past couple of years, the company has continued to grow both in size and volume, through acquisitions and organic sales. With growth comes perceived change. However, the culture and values that were core to the business in the past were still key to driving the business today. Mainland had a challenge to correctly communicate both internally and externally the importance of the size and scale that they operated at, but also the focus on small company values that made them successful. SitePartners worked with Mainland to produce a variety of marketing assets to communicate this story. This included corporate video production, social media management, website design, and ongoing strategy.

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Watch: Meet Mainland Construction

A New Corporate Story

We created a new corporate video for Mainland to share who they are, what they do, and what makes them special. The video was used both as a sales asset and for internal communications, to showcase big company capacity and small company values. The video production featured Mainland’s diversification and scale, and included an additional focus on their people.

Social Media:

We provided an integrated social media campaign to create an effective way to communicate the story of Mainland with key stakeholders. We have managed social accounts (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) to help communicate the right message, to the right audience, at the right time. Building a community that makes a big group feel connected.

A New Website

We worked with Mainland to help design a new website to communicate their corporate story. With a mobile-first approach, the focus was on communicating the strength of the brand with the culture of a family business. With a custom video banner and simple navigation, the web experience matched the Mainland brand.

People & Scale

To communicate big company capacity and small company values, we used brand imagery to share the story visually. Showcasing the people behind the business helped make the Mainland brand feel approachable to new partners and new employees.