Longboard Products

Telling the Story of a Manufacturing Innovator

Scope Of Work

Strategy, Planning, Video, Photography, Storytelling

At Longboard Products, they drive continuous improvement in every aspect of their business. From the consistency and quality of their product line, to the tightly controlled manufacturing processes throughout their world-class facility, and to the culture of safety and respect with their employees, Longboard is an innovative building partner that is leading new standards in the cladding industry. SitePartners worked with Longboard Products to deliver a series of videos that tell the Longboard story in ways that will inspire employees, attract talent, educate project designers, and build long-term relationships. We planned and coordinated our video production in a multi-day shoot to deliver four complete 3+ minute videos.

A Corporate Overview Video that Inspires a Changing Building Industry

Longboard Products first approached SitePartners with the objective to showcase their company as a manufacturing innovator that offers more than just a product. They wanted to feature the attention to detail that was involved in how they planned what machinery, technology, and processes they were going to include in their facility, and how they anticipated the market demand that allowed them to scale to a high-performance North American building supplier. In this video, our team helped tell their story as innovators who are continually looking for new ways to improve not only what they are producing, but they way they produce it.

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Corporate Overview Video

A People & Culture Video to Attract Skilled Talent

With a skilled labour shortage affecting manufacturers across North America, the need to attract a committed and aligned workforce is key to sustain any long-term success. Longboard Products has developed a culture that respects, nurtures, and develops its employees, with the goal for all employees to achieve the best versions of themselves. The SitePartners team shared Longboard’s cultural philosophy while showcasing the different ways they improve their employees’ work environment.

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People & Culture Video

“SitePartners told our story the best way possible. We loved working with their team!”

Micheyla Mayne // Marketing Manager at Longboard Products

A Manufacturing Process Video that Informs Project Designers

New, innovative building materials often need to find ways to reach architects, engineers, and project designers, in order to be reviewed, specified, and selected in the pre-construction stages. In this video, we show how Longboard is able to efficiently handle all major steps in their aluminum cladding manufacturing process – from extrusion to order fulfillment, with the capacity to meet construction timelines. Longboard explain their transparent quality assurance process in detail, earning trust as an authority that delivers sustainable, predictable, and consistent products.

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Manufacturing Process Video

A Safety Orientation Video to Onboard New Employees

At Longboard Products, employee safety is more than just a cliché, it’s a moral imperative. To help get the message across to new employees that safety is engrained in the company’s culture and throughout every inch of the manufacturing and assembly facilities, we filmed a safety orientation video that showcases their philosophy, processes, and professionalism toward their culture of safety.

Photography that Showcases Professionalism

In addition to a series of videos, our Video and Production Team provided a full range of professional photos that Longboard Products can use throughout their website, social media accounts, and other sales collateral. We shot a variety of footage, showcasing their collaborative and safe approach to work, their clean and high-tech manufacturing facility, and the consistency of their quality product lines.