IWC Excavation Ltd.

A New Brand for an Industry Leader

Scope Of Work

Web, Video, Photo, Social, Brand, Strategy, BluePrint

IWC Excavation is a full-service civil construction firm based in Nanaimo, British Columba. With over 100 staff and over 50 pieces of equipment, they had a track record of success. They had already done the hard part: building a company with scale and specialization that was known for quality. Their challenge was that their current brand and messaging didn’t represent who they were, what they did, or the scale of projects they could handle. SitePartners was brought in to create a new image and brand to share their corporate story the right way, to win new clients and attract new talent. Throughout 2019, SitePartners was able to refresh the brand and communicate their story.

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Watch: Meet IWC

A New Website

We created a new website to showcase the scale and specialization that positioned IWC Excavation as a leader in the market. With a mobile-first approach, the website utilized a video banner with unique animation throughout, to give the user confidence in the quality that IWC brings to each project. We focused a lot of attention on their Projects page, to showcase their experience to build confidence and authority in the marketplace.

Showcasing The Technical Builds

Rather than simply write about a project, we wanted to show it. We used video as an opportunity to showcase some unique projects for IWC Excavation. We captured the IWC team in action doing what they do best.

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Watch: Helicopter Concrete Pour

Telling the story on the Ground

To understand the quality of each project, we wanted to share the story from the job site. An example of this is included a case study video that featured IWC Excavation in action on a remote project in Tofino.

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Watch: Tofino Case Study

Brand Refresh

To reposition IWC Excavation as an industry leader, we refreshed their brand and creative assets used to communicate their story. With a sharp, modern finish, the IWC brand represented the challenger culture of IWC. As a company, IWC is bold and entrepreneurial, and we wanted the brand to match.

Social Media

We used social media as a way to communicate the IWC story to the right audience. Publishing content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we wanted to showcase the remote work and specialization that IWC brings to every project.