Inferno Solar

Branding and Launching a Green Energy Leader

Scope Of Work

Branding, Design, Strategy, Web, Copywriting

Inferno Solar is a turn-key solar system partner for Western Canada’s commercial and industrial markets. Based out of Calgary, Alberta, Inferno Solar provides sustainable energy solutions within a region of Canada that has existing infrastructure in traditional carbon-based energy resources. As an organization, Inferno Solar had the experience and capabilities to be a leader in the energy market, and they recognized the need for a brand, corporate story, and digital presence that would help them build authority in an evolving commercial and industrial energy sector. SitePartners worked with Inferno Solar on a complete brand transformation – from brand identity, logo development, communications strategy, and website design and development.

A New Brand to Build Authority and Trust

Inferno Solar needed a modern brand that would be easily recognizable in a growing energy market, and that would quickly convey that they were specialized in solar power systems. Our designers simplified the visual interpretations of “solar” and “energy”, and merged them into an emblem that meets this expectation. Combined with a modern colour palette and font, we positioned Inferno Solar as a progressive brand in an evolving industry.

“SitePartners helped bring our story to life and our message to the market.”

Curtis Craig // President, P.Eng at Inferno Solar

A New Modern and Future-Proof Website

Inferno Solar wanted a website that could quickly expand with their growing company, meeting both their short-term, immediate needs with their long-term ambitions. We designed, wrote, and launched a website that shared the history, services, and benefits that Inferno Solar offered, while building out additional pages to highlight project solutions, share industry news, and feature their experienced team. This allows Inferno Solar to continually add content to their website, maintaining their position as an authority in the solar energy market.

Educational, Informative, and Sales-Driven Copywriting

With so much misinformation about sustainable energy solutions, Inferno Solar recognized that their biggest challenge was finding an accessible way to present the benefits of solar systems. We worked closely with Inferno Solar to help them identify their service offerings while presenting them in a way that would be reach different target audiences. This included a balanced approach that would help clarify the technical details to support the long-term benefits.