The GB Group

Creating A New Category Built On Value

Scope Of Work

Strategy, Web, Video, Photo, Social, Brand, PR, BluePrint

The GB Group is an integrated demolition and disposal company, in operation throughout Western Canada. As a business they have had solid year-over-year growth; however, they had a constant challenge on winning the right projects based on value. The demolition and disposal industry was known to be influenced by low-priced competitors and unfulfilled promises, creating an environment difficult to win projects on the best value. SitePartners was challenged to reinvent the GB Group to help them to win work on value and their position in the marketplace. This required a complete rebrand and creative reinvention; changing everything from who they hired, worked with, and partnered with. Working together since early 2018, SitePartners has acted as a true business partner for GB Group, transforming the way they win projects, market their brand, and communicate their story.

A New Strategy

The first task was reframing the service offerings that GB Group offered the market. From a detailed market study and assessment, it was identified that GB Group’s ability to provide a demo-to-dump service was unique and important to customers. Very few players in the industry had the ability to demo and recycle an entire project, from start to finish. This discovery created a new positioning statement for GB Group and a change in the way the business was marketed. This strategy and delivery model was communicated both internally and externally to showcase project value.

A New Brand

To reposition the GB Group as a truly integrated waste management company, SitePartners created an entirely new brand identity. The new brand showcased the quality and innovation that the demo-to-dump approach brought to clients and industry partners. GB Group needed to educate and convert a customer base, and the brand needed to drive results. The brand needed to be hard working, modern, tough, and approachable.

A New Website

To support the new brand positioning and communications plan, SitePartners created a new website to reflect the updated messaging. The website was modern and mobile-first, and helped educate the user on the integration of the three divisions of the GB Group.

A New Story

We created a new corporate video for GB Group to position their custom demo-to-dump service to the market. The video showcased its capacity with the specialization that GB Group brings to their construction partners. This video was used to educate customers on GB Group's unique approach, to help win work on value and not just price.

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Watch: We Are The GB Group

GB University

To position GB Group for continued success, it was clear that talent was one of the most important factors. GB Group was developing a category of its own, and in doing so they required a talented team to deliver. SitePartners came up with the concept of creating an internal training program called the “GB University”, or “GBU” for short. This program would create a training culture and program to onboard and equip new GB staff to enter the field with experience. This created a pipeline of new talent for GB Group to continue to grow, to reach new markets. The custom training program also communicated the value that GB Group invested in their people and the confidence this provided with industry leaders.

Recruitment Campaigns

To continue to attract the right talent, we created video content to utilize in recruitment campaigns for The GB Group. We wanted to showcase their culture, equipment, and custom approach. Utilizing micro-video content, we were able to reach targeted candidates on social media to bring into the recruitment journey.

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Watch: Recruitment

Social Media

Since early 2018, SitePartners has been managing the social presence for GB Group, communicating the message as an industry leader. We have been able to create a community of customers, clients, and industry partners, to educate on the custom waste management solutions their brand provides.