Frazer Excavation Ltd.

From Contractor to Category Leader

Scope Of Work

Strategy, Video, Photo, Web, Social Media, Brand

Frazer Excavation is a large-scale civil contractor, based out of British Columbia. Started in 1995, Frazer has grown to over 50 staff, 20 pieces of equipment, 10 commercial trucks, 15 trailers, 3 horizontal grinders, a full-service shop, and a mechanical field team. They have cleared over 1,000 acres, recycled over 500,000 tonnes of fibre, moved over 1,000,000 cubic metres of dirt, and serviced hundreds of projects. However, Frazer wanted to start to win work on value and not price. The services Frazer provides were unique, and needed to be communicated correctly to the market to win the right projects. This challenge required a complete redesign in how they promoted their company and positioned their business in the market. Working with Frazer since 2019, we've rebuilt the positioning of their business and brand. From video production, website design and development, and social media management, we transformed Frazer from 'just another contractor' to a category of one.

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Watch: Meet Frazer

Showing the Value

We created a new corporate video for Frazer to communicate their custom end-to-end service to the market. Rather than compete in a competitive field, we used video to showcase that Frazer was in a field of their own. Video production allowed for a simple explanation to a complicated service delivery from Frazer.

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Attracting the Right Talent

In construction, the best team wins. We worked with Frazer to create a recruitment video to attract the right people. Frazer has a unique culture where everyone works hard from the top down. This recruitment video helped share the culture and operations that make Frazer successful.

A New Website

Building from the new positioning statement, we designed a new website to showcase Frazer’s custom approach to each project. Built to showcase the quality and customization that Frazer delivers, the website communicates confidence and clarity. Through the creation of a custom video banner and a breakdown of key divisions, key information is presented so that it speaks to both customers and employees.

Social Media

To communicate the new strategic positioning, social media was utilized to educate and convert prospective clients. With a focus on the people behind the business, we were able to create a community of people that championed the Frazer brand.

Photography & Brand

To communicate the new services and delivery models, we produced new photography to showcase the people, equipment, and processes that make Frazer unique in the market. We also created custom fence-hoarding to reinforce the brand on each job site.