An Integrated Marketing Campaign for the Construction Event of the Year

Scope Of Work

Digital Advertising, Social Media, Video, Photography

BUILDEX Vancouver is Western Canada’s largest forum in the building industry. It connects talent from across all areas of construction and property management to interact, learn, and discover the newest innovations of a market in constant transformation. Our relationship with BUILDEX began in 2019, when we partnered with SiteMax Systems to help them draw attention to their booth at BUILDEX Alberta, winning the award for “Outstanding Brand Connectivity”.

BUILDEX recognized the results of working with a full-service marketing agency that specializes in the construction industry, and wanted to achieve a similar experience for their brand in 2020. We partnered with BUILDEX to plan, manage, and execute a fully integrated marketing campaign that included video, photography, content creation, social media management, and digital advertising. We also co-hosted and released 8 podcast episodes for the SiteVisit Construction Podcast, where we guest-interviewed industry leaders live on the trade show floor.

Setting Up, Planning, and Executing a Content Strategy

We created a complete social media content calendar, and built out multiple photo and video assets across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in the weeks leading up to BUILDEX Vancouver 2020. This involved preparing content from an average of three posts per week, highlighting seminar speakers, as well as sharing testimonials and content from prior years shows. We identified and planned content that would both convert and connect with our target audience.

Micro-Videos and Creative Assets

We edited existing video footage from previous years BUILDEX Vancouver shows to build out a wide range of micro-video assets, which were featured in various digital advertising campaigns. Varying in 6-to-15-seconds in length, we edited together quick, exciting videos that showcased the size, scale, uniqueness, and energy of the BUILDEX experience, encouraging event registration.

Targeting Leaders Throughout the Building Industry

We built out and segmented digital advertising campaigns to target leaders across all areas of the building and construction industries. We also executed a full range of remarketing and lookalike campaigns, to further connect with audiences who visited and interacted with the BUILDEX Vancouver website and social media accounts.

Tracking, Monitoring, and Measuring Campaign Effectiveness

We built purposeful landing pages and designated specific click-thru buttons on select pages of the BUILDEX Vancouver website, to track different visitor and conversion metrics. This allowed us to track the effectiveness of our digital advertising campaign, to show clear intent for potential attendees to complete the seminar, exhibition, and/or networking registration.

Event Schedule and Shot List for Complete Coverage

In preparation for the event, we created a schedule and shot list to ensure complete coverage across the exhibition, seminars, and networking events. We collected over 50 minutes of live video footage along with hundreds of photos throughout the BUILDEX show, which we used to produce a range of promotional assets during and after the event.

Capturing, Editing, and Publishing Video and Photography in Real-Time

Understanding the importance of promoting an event in real-time, our video, photography, and social media team were capturing content throughout the duration of the event, publishing across BUILDEX’s social media channels in a quick turnaround to maximize visibility throughout the show.

Interacting with Event Attendees across Social Media in Real-Time

We set up and managed a Hootsuite social media management account, to provide specialized coverage and support throughout the BUILDEX Vancouver event. This included tracking select keywords, hashtags, and event geolocation, to monitor, follow, and engage in hundreds of key conversations occurring on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, in real-time throughout the show.

Recording a Podcast Live on the Trade Show Floor

We brought the SiteVisit Construction Podcast onto the trade show floor, co-hosting and releasing 8 live episodes over the two-day event. Featured in the TECHCENTRIC exhibit, this additional live-technology element brought executives across all areas of construction to the trade show floor, to participate in and listen to conversations about the future and sustainability of the industry.

Capturing the BUILDEX Experience

With complete access to the trade show exhibition, keynote speaker seminars, and networking events, we captured video footage from throughout the two-day conference and interviewed industry leaders to produce a two-minute video that showcases the full BUILDEX experience.

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Watch: The Full BUILDEX Experience

“The Best Event Coverage We Ever Had!”

We generated a significant amount of attention and awareness in the 3 weeks prior to the BUILDEX event, and engaged with hundreds of attendees on social media in real-time throughout the duration of the two-day show and in the week following. A few highlights include:

  • Through our organic social media campaign, we created 157 posts in total, attracting 55,457 impressions and 1,905 engagements across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, in the 3-weeks prior to and the 1-week following the event.
  • Through our paid social media campaign, we generated 269,232 impressions in the 3-weeks prior to the event, generating 1,472 website visits with an 88% conversion rate.
  • Throughout the two-day event, we co-hosted and released 8 podcast episodes live on the trade show floor, where we guest-interviewed industry leaders to share entrepreneurial and innovative insights within all areas of construction.
  • Throughout the two-day event we captured over 50 minutes of video footage, and delivered a two-minute video that showcased the size, scale, uniqueness, and energy of the BUILDEX experience.