Building Value in a Brand

Scope Of Work

Brand, Video, Strategy, Research

Brikers is a heavy equipment parts and equipment supplier based out of Maple Ridge BC. They are innovators in their ability to rebuild used components and parts to sell back into the market. What they do is special; however, there was a challenge to communicate and sell into the marketplace. SitePartners was tasked with refreshing their corporate brand and building strategic and creative assets, to share its service offering with the right buyers. Modernizing the brand would allow the message to be correctly communicated to the right audience, driving results in sales and business growth.

A New Brand

SitePartners refreshed and rebuilt the Brikers brand to position them as industry leaders in the parts and components industry. Celebrating 20 years and with new momentum, we created a visual identify that worked hard and presented tough. The target audience needed to have confidence in the Brikers brand and the products they created. With this new, modern brand, Brikers was able to position itself in the market as a category leader.

Video To Showcase Quality

To help communicate the process and quality that Brikers uses to rebuild their parts and components, we created video assets to give their customers and partners visibility into their operations. The video was strategic to showcase the process, scale, inventory, and innovation that made Brikers unique.

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Watch: Brikers Overview

A New Positioning Statement

We created a new positioning statement to help communicate the Brikers story. “Rebuilt. In Stock. Ready to Ship” was a powerful statement that clearly explained what Brikers did well, and what their sales promise is to their to clients and partners. This positioning statement was introduced and implemented across all marketing and sales assets.

Distilling The Message

Following the rebrand and research, SitePartners created a new corporate video to help keep the message simple and explain what exactly Brikers delivers. This video was used for both internal and external communications.

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Watch: Corporate Overview