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Stopping Wildfires Before They Start

Scope Of Work

Strategy, Video, Social, TV, PR, Web

The past couple of summers have been tough on British Columbia. The hot and dry climate has created multiple seasons of wildfires throughout the province. The BC Government wanted to help create awareness and education, to help combat wildfire before it even starts. Research showed that individuals, homeowners, and communities, can greatly reduce the risk and spread of wildfire by introducing disciplines and activities to make their property more fire resilient. This initiative was called FireSmartBC, and was an integrated community of partner agencies dedicated to stopping wildfires before they started. Working with FireSmart since 2018, we have helped communicate and share the message through television, web, social media, public relations, and video production.

Strategy & Research

FireSmart is a unique concept. To build creative assets that would inspire action for a province, our team dove into researching the program, to learn how to position the brand and message to drive results. Spending time with key stakeholders allowed us to identify creative ways to educated and equip people of British Columbia to take action on their property.

A National TV Campaign

One of the first creative assets we produced was a national television campaign that introduced the FireSmart message. We created 15-second and 30-second campaigns, focused on educating the target market on what FireSmart is, and how it can help. The campaign ran for a period of seven days across all of BC.

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Watch: FireSmartBC 30 Second Spot

A Strong New Web Presence

We created a new website to help educate and connect with a province. The website became the central hub for education, information, and resources. The website was mobile friendly, simple to use, and accessible for people all across BC. With the focus on video content and education, the website was designed to be a key tool in FireSmart’s objective of education and inspiring the province to stop wildfire before it started.

Education through Video

To help explain what FireSmart is, we created a video that outlined the FireSmart disciplines. This video was used to break down larger concepts and educate the people of BC on the foundations of FireSmart.

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Watch: The FireSmart Disciplines

Video Testimonials

We created a series of testimonial videos, showcasing FireSmart at work in the community.

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Watch: Pat Crook
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Watch: Takla Lake Showcase

Social Media

Over the course of a 6-month campaign, we generated over 250,000 organic impressions across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for FireSmart BC. Managing the social accounts for FireSmart have allowed us to control the message and engage the audience.

Over 250,000 organic impressions generated in 6 months.

Public Relations & Communications

We created multiple coordinated public relations and communications campaigns, to create visibility of the brand and awareness of the messaging during key times of the season. This included securing mainstream media coverage from Global, Vancouver Sun, and others.

A Year in Review

To prepare for a major wildfire conference, we created a video to highlight all of the creative and strategic work that was completed in 2019 with FireSmart. This video gives a quick look into the work completed and the results achieved.

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Watch: The Year In Review