Changing The Image Of Manufacturing

Scope Of Work

Strategy, Video, Photo, Social

Advance Wire Products (AWP) is a North American leading designer and manufacturer of innovative merchandising solutions for the construction, retail, and grocery markets. They design, build, and fabricate solutions that move business. If you can dream it, they can build it. SitePartners was challenged with changing the way people thought about manufacturing. AWP was a true design build manufacturing partner and was able to work with companies from the idea stage all the way to the final product. However, prospective clients needed to be educated on the way AWP delivered value. Through the development of video assets and social media, SitePartners was able to educate and engage AWP’s client market to rethink manufacturing.

A New Perspective

SitePartners created a new corporate overview video for AWP, to help communicate who they are, what they do, and how they are able to transform an idea into a beautiful product. This video was designed to change the perspective of how people thought of manufacturing. The overview video was used for marketing activities, outbound sales, and conference showcases.

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Watch: Ideas Into Beautiful Products

Creative Case Study

Building from the focus of reshaping the way the industry thought about manufacturing, SitePartners created a new case study video showcasing the work AWP completed with Lululemon. The video communicated the story of the creativity and the design behind the fabrication, helping explain the design build approach that AWP can deliver to the market.

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Watch: Lululemon Case Study

Sharing the Story

SitePartners used social media as a way to communicate the story of AWP. To help educate and engage the customer base, we were able to use content to help showcase the different services that AWP brought to the market, changing the way people thought about a manufacturing partner. Site also created micro-video content specific for different social media channels.

Micro Video Content

SitePartners created micro-content to help reposition what the industry thought about manufacturing and the role that AWP played. The micro-content was shared across social media, getting the content into the news feed of industry contacts and leaders.

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Watch: Manufacturing In Action