Showcasing a New Service Offering

Scope Of Work

Video, Podcast

505-Junk is a full-service junk removal and recycling business, serving the construction, commercial, and residential markets throughout the Greater Vancouver Area and the BC Lower Mainland. Already recognized for their dedication to making the junk removal process as easy, efficient, and professional as possible, 505-Junk innovated a new service offering to disrupt the waste removal industry with higher standards of transparency. To help promote their new 'Live Load' pay-by-weight system, SitePartners created video assets that captured the full-service scope and process of what 505-Junk offers.

Video to Showcase Innovation

It is always a challenge to promote a service, where so many of the benefits need to be experienced to understand their true value. With the additional element of innovation within a heavily commoditized industry, it became clear that video would be the best way to market this new service, establish the 505-Junk brand, and elevate the construction waste removal industry.

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Watch: 'Live Load' Service Demonstration

Video to Position a Brand

Well before the introduction of the innovative 'Live Load' service offering, 505-Junk already earned a reputation as Greater Vancouver’s most transparent and accurate junk removal company. This commitment to making the junk removal process as easy, efficient, and professional as possible for their client was always at their core purpose. We used video to showcase the full range of the innovative and transparent 505-Junk brand experience.

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Watch: 505-Junk Brand Experience

An Innovative Approach to Construction Waste

We featured Barry Hartman and Scott Foram, Co-Founders of 505-Junk, in an episode of the SiteVisit Construction Podcast, to discuss the exciting story of 505-Junk and their innovative and transparent approach to waste removal. Barry and Scott speak in detail about their commitment to the 505-Junk brand experience, and share the origins of how they developed the innovative 'Live Load' pay-by-weight service.