Published February 29th, 2020

The past year at SitePartners was special.

We worked hard to earn a reputation in the industry as a true marketing partner that delivered measurable results. We dug deep with our partners to deliver creative solutions to industry problems, and helped communicate stories to drive a movement. We delivered on our focus as a specialized marketing agency built exclusively to serve the industrial sector. Below is a brief overview of some of our more notable accomplishments in 2019:

We grew our team from 8 staff to over 14 talented individuals, who work hard every day to deliver results for our partners. We moved into our new 3,400 sq ft office in Surrey, BC, investing in our process and infrastructure for future growth.


We had the opportunity to partner with some of the largest brands in the industrial sector, with the responsibility to share their story and solve real business problems with strategy and creative. We partnered with industry leaders and innovators. Companies that are not just raising the bar for the industrial sector, but are the ones building it.


Our team worked hard to capture content on construction sites all across North America. In the freezing snow, in the pouring rain, and in the most remote and challenging locations. We filmed on the front line of a wildfire, on one of Canada’s largest mines, and in some of the most complex manufacturing facilities in North America. We learned how to capture and share an industrial story the right way, to drive sales, attract talent, and build market share. Our award-winning work was featured in industry publications and mainstream media throughout the year.

Over the year we produced and released over 60 video productions. From corporate, to culture and recruitment, to safety and training: we were able to capture video content for a variety of purposes.


We launched over 15 websites, each positioning our partners as industry leaders in their respective marketplaces. We showcased that industrial websites can be creative, modern, and mobile. We built complex career pages, interactive maps, and detailed case studies. From art direction to final copy, we provided a complete design-build website approach for some of the industry’s largest contractors. This includes Wales McLelland Construction, Division15 Mechanical, Glenco Electric, and IWC Excavation, to name a few.


We created, filmed, and ran a national television campaign for the Government of BC, helping to prevent wildfires before they started.

We built brands the right way, with a focus on the past and a vision for the future, executing on over 10 integrated brand engagements throughout the year. This allowed companies that are reaching milestone anniversaries to enter a new era with renewed momentum.


We helped our partners attract, hire, train, and equip the leaders of tomorrow, instilling confidence in their talent, to grow and reach new markets.

We launched a podcast with our long-term partner, SiteMax Systems. The SiteVisit Podcast, dedicated to connecting and empowering workers within the construction sector, was featured in the Vancouver Sun, Journal of Commerce, and other trade and media publications. With thousands of downloads and listens, we have started to build a community in the construction industry. With over 40 episodes produced, and many more scheduled, we are just getting started.


Over the year we created millions of impressions and earned media coverage to help our clients own the narrative and become an authority in the marketplace. We made sure our stories were noticed by the people who needed to hear them most. Managing over 40 social profiles over the year on a monthly basis allowed us to learn how to craft campaigns that built community and drove conversions.

We won trade show awards by working a trade show booth differently, creating memorable experiences with lasting impact. This included integrated media campaigns, 24/7 video coverage, and an activation on the show floor to drive results for our business partners.


We helped our clients through acquisition and growth. We helped our partners attract new staff and retain the best ones, as well as win new market share and build strategic plans for the long-term. We worked hard to earn trust in an industry that values relationships.

In April 2019, SitePartners Founder, Andrew Hansen, was recognized by BC Business as a top 30 Under 30, for his vision and passion in creating a marketing agency that worked exclusively in the industrial sector.


2019 was a year of growth and a period of time that showcased our ability to act as a trusted partner for an industry that demanded results. The amount of work that was created, at the quality and for the level of clients in our portfolio, was unmatched in our industry. We proved that a specialized marketing agency can produce amazing work, built on the power of creativity that generates business. 2019 was a major success and we want to thank our staff, partners, vendors, and clients who have helped us shape who we have become and drive us to where we are going.

We are just getting started.

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