Published December 20th, 2019

The SiteVisit Podcast, a construction podcast co-produced and co-hosted by Andrew Hansen, Founder and CEO of SitePartners, has been featured in the Vancouver Sun. The SiteVisit Podcast invites tradespeople, foremen, general contractors, and owners, working in all areas of construction, to share their stories from the jobsite and engage in real conversations about the future and sustainability of the industry. This includes valuable tips and tricks of the trade to improve operational and management efficiencies, while offering up plenty of entrepreneurial insights to grow a successful contracting business.

The purpose of the SiteVisit Podcast is to share this collection of industry knowledge, experiences, conversations, and stories to a larger group, in a format that’s accessible for the intended audience. Facing several challenges that center around adapting to new technologies, hiring and training staff, and scaling for growth, there is something that everyone working in construction can relate to and learn from.

With a new episode launched every two weeks, each 60-minute SiteVisit Podcast episode features a different topic, exploring the real issues that trickle their way down to every jobsite. These topics are relevant and timeless, so a listener can revisit and refer to them multiple times as they advance throughout their career in construction. Some of the most listened to episodes include:

  1. The Importance of People and Culture in Construction, featuring guests from Caliber Projects
  2. The New Era of Demolition, featuring guests from Clearview Demolition
  3. New Delivery Methods in Construction, featuring guests from RAM Consulting

If you work in the construction industry and would like to be a guest in an upcoming episode, or if you have any suggestions for topics you’d like to hear discussed in more detail, you can email the SiteVisit Podcast at, or email co-producer and co-host Andrew Hansen directly at

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