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By Andrew HansenAndrew Hansen

Published December 21st, 2021

Road Building Contractors  to Repair Coquihalla Highway

On December 20, 2021, it was announced that the Coquihalla Highway has reopened to commercial traffic for the first time since the major BC Storm caused multiple highway washouts on November 14. This is 5 weeks from when the storm ripped the highway apart in 20 separate sections along a 130km stretch between Hope and Merritt.

Many are calling this one of the most remarkable feats of modern engineering and construction in British Columbia, and it is hard to disagree.


Over 300 men and women and over 200 pieces of equipment were working 24/7 in challenging winter and remote conditions to get this major infrastructure project completed, so the province’s critical transportation routes can safely open back up for essential commercial traffic. With limited notice, crews sprang into action and got to work moving more than 400,000 cubic meters of material, in the process of clearing, repairing, and rebuilding the roads.

Andrew Hansen, Founder & CEO of SitePartners, spoke with some of the crews who were working on the highway reparation project. “There was a strong sense of pride and commitment to supporting the community and keeping everyone safe throughout this challenging build,” states Andrew.


“This wasn’t just a regular project for the teams on the ground. This was a piece of critical infrastructure that needed to be repaired to connect communities and commerce,” continued Andrew. “The quality of our industry was on full display over the last month, and it was pretty impressive to witness.”


“I don’t know all the details of what went into the rebuild, or all the complexities that were considered and planned for; however, I am confident that a lot of hard work and sacrifice went into each kilometer of rebuilt section.”

“Experience and talent were put to the test on this project and the industry delivered,” concluded Andrew. “A lot of the general public may not be fully aware of all the work and effort that went into getting these routes back open, but I am sure it will be discussed and reviewed for years to come within industry circles.”


Our team at SitePartners is proud to be associated with many of the companies that were supporting the rebuild of the different highways and transport routes over the past 5 weeks. Hearing their stories of the efforts was inspiring, and makes us confident that we will Build Back Better in the years to come, and in preparation for future events.

Thanks to all the contractors, consultants, ministry staff, and industry professionals that have worked so hard over the last 5 weeks to allow the highways to safely reopen. You may not get all the praise you deserve in the public spotlight, but you have the thanks and appreciation from the entire SitePartners team!


And we encourage everyone to share your appreciation with the some of the many companies that were involved in the various highway rebuilding. This includes, but is not limited to:

Photo Credits: BC Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure

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