Published January 21st, 2020

We are excited to launch our new website, where we detail how we help leaders in the industrial sector win work, attract talent, and build market share. We built our website so you can learn a bit more about us, and how our specialization within the construction, manufacturing, and resource sectors allow us to provide unmatched marketing services for our partners.

Below is a quick overview of what you can expect to find on our website:

Our Story: Who We Are and How We Are Structured

SitePartners was designed and built with a clear purpose: to be the marketing partner of choice for industrial companies. On our new website, we feature our specialized team of strategists, creatives, designers, writers, and analysts, with a combined 74 years of experience working in the industrial sector, dedicated to solving problems for our clients.

We hire the right people and source the right partners, which allows us to be on the front of innovation in this sector. We know the industry and the work, and we mobilize quickly and deliver on performance. We believe this industry is special, and we are motivated to share that with the world.

Our Services: What We Do and Why It Works

From concept to campaign, we provide strategic and creative services to solve business problems for the industrial sector. On our new website, we define and outline our BluePrint Process – our strategic framework that positions industrial partners to be category leaders that win work on value, not price.

We detail our complete list of services, and share how our specialized approach helps our clients win business, attract talent, and enter new markets. We build brands to earn credibility and trust, and we share their stories to increase visibility and spark conversations.

Our Work: Case Studies featuring What We Deliver

We are proud to work with so many industry leaders throughout the industrial sector. Our clients are responsible for some of the largest projects and most complex services across North America, and we are honoured to showcase the strategic and creative work we’ve completed for them.

Here on our website, we share in detail our commitment to understanding our clients’ unique challenges, and how we execute with content, creative, and campaigns, to grow their businesses in competitive markets. A few of the projects we’ve completed recently include:

  1. Branding an Industry Giant, featuring Wales McLelland
  2. How We Shaped a Story to Drive Sales, featuring SiteMax
  3. A New Brand for an Industry Leader, featuring IWC Excavation
  4. From Contractor to Category Leader, featuring Frazer Excavation

We will be updating our website frequently with new in-depth Case Studies and informative blog posts, so check back often as we continue to deliver results for industry leaders throughout the construction, manufacturing, and resource sectors.

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