Published November 1st, 2019

To produce great work you need a process that outlines a strategy that works. Our team at SitePartners has established a custom marketing framework for our industrial clients, to identify the direction and data that creates content that moves a business. We call our process the Tool Kit.

01. Research & Review

We start by performing a detailed audit of the business, brand, marketplace, and competition. We request specific data and conduct stakeholder interviews from the client team, in order to build comprehensive marketing plans and activities to engage against targeted objectives.

02. Site Visit

We bring our project team to the job site of the client. This allows our creative and strategy teams to get an understanding of how the brand is managed. We speak with frontline staff, and select clients and Partners to learn the core strengths and culture of a brand.

03. The BluePrint

Based on data collected in sections 01 and 02, we work as a team to build out our BluePrint document. This is a complex strategic document that acts as a brief for the remainder of our engagement. An executive within the client-side sign off and endorse the report.

04. Marketing Plan

Following approval of the BluePrint, our strategists build out a custom marketing plan, placing key activities with specific timelines. This becomes our operating document for the remainder of our engagement, and presents a finalized budget including advertising and production expenses.

05. Content & Creative

Our team moves into creative production and delivery. From video and photo production, to digital and web products. We do what we do best and build out the assets utilized for the plan.

06. Campaigns & Delivery

Once the content has been created, we build-out and design our distribution plan and delivery process. This is tied into our BluePrint and scheduled by our marketing plan.

07. Measure & Repeat

We measure our results and track the data. This leads us to make adjustments to our Marketing Plan and in turn changes our creative. We continue to repeat this process until objectives from the original brief are achieved.

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