Published July 22nd, 2020

It has been a productive string of months for our team at SitePartners. We have helped our clients in this unique time to launch new digital products, marketing campaigns, stakeholder engagement programs, and other strategy-driven services. This includes:

  • Developing and branding new service specializations to help our partners pivot to new pandemic-emerging markets.
  • Helping our clients establish relationships and strengthen partnerships in a digital world.
  • Delivering stakeholder engagement and corporate communications on some of BC’s most complex infrastructure projects.
  • Supporting our clients with project pursuits, diversification, and acquisitions.
  • Launching an integrated communications, social media, and digital advertising campaign for FireSmartBC.
  • Capturing video and photography in some of the most remote locations, to showcase the size, scope, and complexity of the projects our industrial partners deliver.

In an industry that has often relied on face-to-face meetings and physical communication, we have worked hard to build specialized marketing solutions – including Account-Based Marketing – to help our partners optimize their sales efforts, win work, attract talent, and drive business results.

As our company continues to grow during these challenging times, Andrew Hansen, Founder and CEO of SitePartners, reflects on the importance of adding industry-leading talent to our already award-winning team:

“In response to several new business wins and multiple client project expansions throughout June and July, we proudly welcome two new members to the growing team at SitePartners: Tyler Jacobson (Director of Client Services) and Justin Van Mulligen (Vice President, Operations).”

“As a specialized marketing agency and consultancy, our number one resource has always been our people,” continues Andrew. “We are always looking for talent with a hunger for curiosity, ambition, and continual improvement – both Justin and Tyler share these values wholeheartedly.”


“As the scope of work and type of projects our team delivers continues to evolve, the importance of attracting the right people will maintain our position on the front of innovation in the industrial sector for years to come.”

Both Tyler and Justin are accomplished marketing and agency professionals, bringing a combined 25+ years of integrated marketing and product experience:

Tyler Jacobson: Director of Client Services


An intuitive strategist with an obsession for measurable growth, Tyler leads the Client Services team at SitePartners. Prior to joining SitePartners, Tyler spent 7+ years as a lead Product Manager for a Global Product Strategy Firm, where he had the opportunity to oversee the design and development of digital products for American Express, TD Bank, Key Bank, Lincoln Financial Group, and Chrysler.

Tyler is also the Founder of True North Water, a charitable organization that helps provide access to clean, safe, drinking water to communities in developing countries, while also helping to address the water crisis facing First Nations communities across Canada.

Justin Van Mulligen: Vice President, Operations


Justin brings 15+ years of agency and in-house marketing and operations experience to the SitePartners team, and has worked with industry-leading BC companies such as: YVR Airport, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and H.Y. Louie. Most recently, he worked and led teams providing marketing and consulting services for the mining sector.

Justin blends strategic and creative insight along with operational rigour to produce award-winning work for industry-leading brands. He will be involved with SitePartners clients every step of the way, ensuring their business objectives translate into specialized, strategically driven work that helps build their brands and grow their businesses.


“Both Justin and Tyler will be actively involved in helping SitePartners continue on our mission to elevate the industrial sector,” confirms Andrew. “They will support our strategy and client services teams to solve the tough problems that deliver business-moving work.”

“The next couple of months will continue to bring change, innovation, and technology adoption for the industrial sector. Both Tyler and Justin will help our partners face this change with strategic and creative services that will position them to win. We look forward to the next quarter with optimism and excitement.”

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