Published December 22nd, 2020

2020 has been a unique year. As a digital marketing agency and consultancy for the industrial sector, the way we worked, communicated, and engaged with each other changed drastically throughout the year. We adapted how we delivered value to our partners; hosting branding and strategy sessions over video conferencing, building websites and other digital marketing products remotely, and capturing photography and video footage with enhanced guidelines for health, sanitation, and distancing on a job site.

Although this year was challenging in its own way, it was still special. Our team at SitePartners worked hard to achieve some exciting accomplishments. To close out the year, we want to highlight some of the unique achievements our talented team delivered over what turned out to be another year of significant growth for SitePartners.


From being awarded one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies, to growing our executive team, to expanding into Alberta, to launching the inaugural Top 40 Under 40 in Canadian Construction, to developing brands, to designing websites, to filming and editing videos, and launching digital ad campaigns, we continued to deliver value and drive results for our industrial partners in a year that mattered most.

We got to work with the industry’s best.

Throughout the past year we had the opportunity to continue to work with some of the leading industrial brands across the construction, manufacturing, and resource sectors. We worked with our partners to help their industries adapt to their new classification as an essential service, leveraging our experience and expertise in digital communications to help them maintain engagement with their clients, employees, and other key stakeholders.


In a year where the standard for job site health and safety and the pressure to perform under tight deadlines was at its highest, we are more proud than ever to work alongside and service our industrial partners.

We solved problems and delivered value.

This year was different and required new solutions to an ever-changing environment. As a full-service marketing agency and consultancy, we focused on delivering value where it mattered most, helping our industrial partners create new brands, launch new digital products, diversify and expand their service offerings, break ground on exciting projects, attract and retain top talent, and ultimately grow their market share.


Beginning with specialized brand, strategy, and communications plans, to delivering on a full range of strategic and creative marketing services, we planned, developed, designed, wrote, branded, launched, and published more work for our partners than we’ve ever produced before, helping them communicate in a new world, through a variety of tools and tactics. (More details on what this includes is outlined in our Summary of Key Accomplishments section below!)

We expanded our service offerings to further support Sales and New Business Development departments.

As we continued to work closely with our industrial partners and deliver results to support their marketing goals, it became clear that they also required a committed focus to sales and new business development as new construction and major infrastructural projects continued to remain in high demand for our partners.


By starting from a position of knowledge and experience within the industrial sector, we used this opportunity to expand our service offerings to include Indigenous Relations, Stakeholder Engagement, Recruitment Strategies, RFP Submission & Proposals, and Account-Based Marketing services.

We were awarded one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies.

In October 2020, Canadian Business and Maclean’s ranked SitePartners as one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies, recognizing our 1061% revenue growth with our focus on elevating the industrial sector. This was a proud accomplishment and exciting milestone for our entire team, validating that the strategic and creative work we deliver for our industrial partners is valued.


This recognition showcased the level of talent, creativity, drive, and commitment across our team, and confirmed that our specialization in the industrial sector is earning results, for both ourselves and our partners. With continued growth anticipated for the new year with office expansions underway, we look forward to continued growth in 2021!

We grew our team and expanded our services to Alberta.

As the pandemic continued throughout the year, the demand for our specialized marketing services for the industrial sector continued to grow across Western Canada. Understanding that the way to deliver solutions to the industrial sector is through having the right people and processes in place, we took this opportunity to invest in our team so we can accomplish more for our partners.


We added experienced senior marketing and communications professionals, Tyler Jacobson, Justin Van Mulligen, and Kayla Bordignon, to our team, increasing our capacity in strategic and new business development offerings. We also took this opportunity to open a new Calgary Office to provide dedicated support to our expanding client base across Alberta, and hire additional staff to our growing Surrey Head Office, ensuring we will continue to deliver work that gets results for our partners. (And we are always looking to hire top talent who are driven to create innovative solutions that move industrial businesses forward!)

We launched the Top 40 Under 40 in Canadian Construction.

In partnership with On-Site Magazine, we launched the Top 40 Under 40 in Canadian Construction to celebrate and recognize the young leaders in the industries we serve. In addition to elevating the profile of the Canadian construction industry, the purpose of this campaign is to recognize the contributions of the hard-working, young leaders who are advancing the movement of construction across Canada, while ultimately helping to attract, recruit, and retain young professionals to the inclusive opportunities in construction.


With an impressive group of industry leaders selected from across Canada, the Top 40 Under 40 campaign received an overwhelmingly positive response, and is already attracting interest from professionals looking to nominate themselves or their colleagues in 2021. We are excited for the long-term outlook this campaign can bring to Canadian construction, encouraging industry-wide innovation for generations to come!

We’re excited to continue our growth in 2021.

As we reflect on the year, 2020 challenged us and stretched our potential as a marketing agency to the industrial sector. 2020 forced us to think and work differently, and it showcased our team’s resilience and commitment to the industrial sector; that in spite of the restrictions on workplace meetings and gatherings, we were able to work closer with our partners to deliver results when it mattered most.

We view this year as a major success on our journey to elevate the industrial sector as a true business partner. We take this time to thank our staff, partners, and vendors who helped us achieve such an exciting year.

Here is to 2021!


  1. Awarded one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies.
  2. Launched the inaugural Top 40 Under 40 in Canadian Construction.
  3. Expanded our offices to Alberta.
  4. Hired top talent to our growing team.
  5. Helped our partners break ground on new projects.
  6. Helped our partners diversify and expand their operations with new acquisitions.
  7. Launched exciting new brands and shared their unique stories.
  8. Elevated emerging brands in the the sustainable energy sector.
  9. Introduced new service offerings to further support Sales and New Business Development departments.
  10. Conducted 15+ BluePrint strategy sessions.
  11. Developed, designed, and launched 20+ websites.
  12. Created, launched, and monitored 40+ digital ad campaigns.
  13. Researched, wrote, and published 50+ blog posts, industry articles, and press releases.
  14. Filmed, edited, and released 135+ videos.
  15. Travelled to 175+ job sites all across Canada.

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